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11-16 11:59 PM

Hi. I have 1 year s visa and 9 month s work permit. I started my s visa on 12th Nov and my work permit on 21st Sept, 2012.

Is it really takes 1-1.5 year for naturalization? If I renew my work visa on 12th Nov 2012, will I get the new B1 visa issued on 19th Jan, 2013, and then naturalization on 18th Feb 2013, I will start working on 18th Feb (not 19th Nov 2012).

If I don’t renew by 12th Nov 2012, will I get the new B1 visa on 20th Dec 2012 (Dec start on 12th Nov, not 19th Jan), but won’t get the naturalization on 18th Feb 2013.

So, if renew by 12th Nov 2012, I will start working on 18th Feb 2013, but if not, the start date will be on 19th Nov 2012.

Thanks for any advice.

2013 is the first year of the I-485/I-131 (I-765) greencard process, so you can safely hold on and renew your work visa as long as it isn’t set to expire by the time you’re ready to file for a greencard.

You can renew by processing a new I-9 and a new I-551 if you’re renewing a current visa, or you can process an extension under the name of the person who has the current visa, as long as they’re either your husband, wife, or unmarried child under the age of 21 (and you both share a last name with the person you’re giving the card to). The form is I-485. If you get an extension under their name (but not your own), you must maintain your EAD.

If you don’t renew on 12/11/12, you’re not able to file for a greencard until 1/31/13. You’ll be able to start working on 18/2/13.

If you can’t renew on 12/11/12, you don’t have to report to USCIS about the extension until 1/31/13, when you’ll start working on 18/2/13.

Bottom line: if you can’t/won’t renew by the 12/11 deadline, report the extension. The earliest you can do anything is Jan 31st. Once you’re


Feb 15, 2021

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