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Audio Lab was designed to be a tool that will help you manipulate .wav and .voc digitized sound files. You can edit, mix, and record sounds, as well as use a good selection of tools. Echo, change volume, and reverse are just a few of the them. An oscilloscope and real time spectrum analyzer are provided as well.
Audio Lab is a neat program, and I have had no problems using it. However, there is a snag in the installation: the two dlls that are provided with the program are not installed automatically. You may or may not have to put them in the window’s system directory yourself (usually c:windowssystem). Here’s what to do:
For each dll, check to see if it is in the window’s system directory already. If it ISN’T THERE, place the copy provided with Audio Lab there. If the dll IS THERE already, then compare its version numbers with the one that comes with Audio Lab. Replace the version in your system directory with Audio Lab’s only if Audio Lab’s has a higher version number. Otherwise, do nothing. To determine the version number of a dll, use the properties command in File Manager on the dll.
Now your dlls are properly installed. However, Audio Lab might still complain when you start it, saying that one or more dlls are not installed correctly or something else. If this happens, just ignore the message as Audio Lab should work fine.
■ Does not support stereo recorded .wav file


Download ✦✦✦ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ✦✦✦ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Audio Lab Activation Free (2022)

A program to play back and edit audio files.
This program consists of four sections:
-Data View
-Waveform View
Data View
This section will display the data of a.wav,.voc, or.mp3 file that you want to use. There are about 20 properties that you can set with this section. The most important are play speed, fade in, and fade out.
Waveform View
Waveform View is a waveform display. It will display a.wav,.voc, or.mp3 file in a graphical form. Change the volume of sound using the scale on the top-right corner of the window. There are also three buttons below the scale. One of the buttons is a magnification button. In this section, you can also save the waveform of a sound as a.jpeg or.bmp picture. The saved image is stored as a file with the same name as the waveform (minus a.bmp extension). You can also play the saved waveform as a sound using Audio Lab Full Crack.
Tracks is a section to display multiple tracks of a sound. You can load.wav,.voc, or.mp3 files that are in one folder using this section. You can create your own separate folder to save your sounds. However, I recommend that you keep the saved sounds in the same folder as your current one to make your program work smoothly.
The mixer is the most important part of this program. You can adjust the volumes of three tracks of a.wav,.voc, or.mp3 file. Each of the three tracks can be controlled by the volume buttons on the top. To control the volume of one of the tracks, you can select a track and use the two volume buttons on the bottom-right.
You can also save the waveform of a sound as a.jpeg or.bmp picture. You can also load that picture as a.wav,.voc, or.mp3 file.
The echo function will play a part of a sound repeatedly, sometimes reversing it with the reverse option. The echo function can be useful to remove background sounds that are on your sound file.
Additional Features:
-You can use the tracks section to record a new sound file.
-You can perform a time stretch on a sound file using the time stretch function in the mixer.
-If you hold down the

Audio Lab License Key Download

What is it?
Audio Lab Torrent Download is a set of tools that let you manipulate and mix sound files. It is designed to be a simple, easy to use set of tools.
Echo is the simplest tool. It allows you to send sound back and forth using the same sound. Thus echo is a useful tool for testing, for example, if a sound is playing from one speaker and is then sent to another.
Other tools include record, advance, and reverse. To record, you press record, then enter a frequency and a time. Entering a frequency will only make a record of sounds that are at or below that frequency. Entering a time will make a record of sounds that are at or below that frequency, for a given time. Recording is also capable of saving the files as a Windows Media file.
Advanced is the next tool. Advanced allows you to record and then play back the sound that was recorded. It also lets you specify a volume, such as 0-255, for each frequency for a given recording.
Reverse allows you to replay the sound from the recording at the time and frequency that you specified in the recording.
Other tools include volume, port, and filter.
Audio Lab Installation:
Install the program using the file that is provided on the disc.
Audio Lab Online:
View the on line version at:
■ Completely free of charge.
■ Alpha-tested
■ Ability to record and play back sounds
■ Ability to record sounds
■ Easy to use.
■ Basic tools to use
■ Test sound through speaker (echo)
■ Record sound and play it back (advanced)
■ Reverse sound (reverse)
■ Record sounds using time (recording)
■ Resample rate
■ Adjust volume (vol)
■ Playback depth
■ Filter sound
■ Pitch frequency
■ Digital high pass filter
■ Digital low pass filter
■ Adjustable filter
■ Normalize volume
■ Shape sound
■ How loud does a sound get when the volume is changed?
Audio Lab Details:
Authors: Florentino Olavo
Email: florentino.

Audio Lab Crack

This is a Multi-Track Audio Tool. It lets you edit the waveforms in a sound track. You can cut, mix or split wav. It also supports echo. To record new sound tracks, you need to set your sound card’s input/output frequencies, then press the record button.


Audio Lab – LE Intro Guide









Audio Lab – LE Overview

22.7 MB


Audio Lab – Guide Collection

710.8 MB


Audio Lab – Overview

22.7 MB


Audio Lab – Navigator

22.6 MB


Audio Lab – OverviewGuide Collection

711.2 MB


Audio Lab – Editor

26.8 MB


Audio Lab – Tools

9.9 MB


Audio Lab – Channel Mixer

9.9 MB


Audio Lab – Size

33.7 MB


Audio Lab – Sound Record

12.8 MB


Audio Lab – Spectrum Analyzer

12.8 MB


Audio Lab – Edit Interface

5.8 MB


Audio Lab – OverviewGuide Collection

711.2 MB


Audio Lab – MainWindow

52.2 MB


Audio Lab – Standard View

26.8 MB


Audio Lab – Zoom

26.8 MB


Audio Lab – File Selector

16.4 MB


Audio Lab – Edit Mode

38.2 MB


Audio Lab – History

31.8 MB


Audio Lab – Track Selection

47.8 MB


Audio Lab – Properties

19.6 MB


Audio Lab – List Track

33.4 MB


What’s New In?

Audio Lab is a freeware sound editor and processor. It contains two views which are different. You can select one of them and edit a sound file in the other view. For example, you can edit the audio waveform in the Waveform view and then play the file to the Oscilloscope view.
Change volume
Add Silence
Insert Silence
Record Audio
Save Audio
Loop Audio
Split Audio
Cross-fade between several audio clips
Mix Audio
Merge Audio
Add Audio Effects
Add EQ effect
Add time warp effect
Add video effects
Audio Audio Processor
Mix Audio With Audio
Record Audio To Audio
Record Audio To Video
Record Audio To A File
Record Audio To A File With A Header
Record Audio To A File With A Header And A Header Title
Play Audio From File
Play Audio From A File
Play Audio With Headers
Play Audio With Headers And A Header
Play Audio From A String
Split Audio Into Bands
Split Audio Into Silence
Process Audio In A List
Apply A Filter To An Audio File
Apply A Non-linear Filter To An Audio File
Analyze Audio
Analyze Audio Real-Time
Analyze Audio Spectrum
Analyze Audio Spectrum Real-Time
Analyze Audio Spectrogram
Analyze Audio FFT
Analyze Audio FFT Real-Time
Bass Boost
Delay (Insert, Reverse, Reverse Delay)
Delay (Repeat, Repeat Delay)
Filter (Beat, Slice, Delay, Pan)
Filter (Bandpass, Bandpass, Bandpass, Bandpass, Bandpass)
Filter (Highpass, Lowpass, Highpass, Lowpass)
Filter (Frequency, Frequency, Frequency)
Filter (Narrow, Narrow)
Filter (Reverse, Reverse, Reverse)
Filter (Stereo, Stereo)
Gain (Gain, Lowpass)
Gain (Reverse, Reverse Gain)
Gain (Stereo, Stereo)
Insert Silence
Insert Silence (Sound Trace)
Process Audio (Echo, Reverse, Fade, Delay, Multiply, Clip, Crossfade, Insert, Crossfade, Reverse Delay, Insert Delay)
Process Audio (Bandpass, Beat, Delay, Multiply, Slice, Stereo, Reverse, Beat, Ampl

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Core i3-3220 / Core i5-2420
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
Storage: 100 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Windows updates must be installed.
Installation instructions can be found HERE.
System requirements:


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