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GLIntercept [32|64bit] [Updated]

This is an open source, pure-C, Windows-only utility for the purpose of
capturing and logging function calls made using OpenGL with either
OpenGL version 2.1 or OpenGL version 3.2, or higher.



Intercepts function calls made using OpenGL.
Provides easy logging with both text and image list dumping.
Optionally captures optional debug context settings.
Full support for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS.
No dependencies to create/edit registry entries or other processes.
No runtime memory consumption – it is NOT a virus or malware.
Just download and run, there is no need to install or change anything.

Worth Noting:

GLIntercept Cracked 2022 Latest Version is not a commercial or freeware application. The
author has released the source code for this utility under the
copyleft BSD/MIT license. Therefore, you are free to copy, modify
and distribute this software as you wish.

OpenGL Intercept License:

For all versions of OpenGL except 1.2, 1.3, 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2.

For those versions of OpenGL, GLIntercept is released under the GNU GPL version 2 license.
License can be viewed here:

You can use the work with no worries for all what you need.

So, for simple, free and open source projects, I’d recommend GLIntercept.


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You can always use Free Pascal, and many more 🙂

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GLIntercept Crack + Free X64

GLIntercept Torrent Download is a debugging tool designed to capture and create logs with all OpenGL calls on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows computers.

Supported OpenGL Versions:

OpenGL 2.0, OpenGL 1.5 and OpenGL 4.0.
Note: The GLIntercept will NOT work with OpenGL 1.4.


(2016-09-01 v0.9.0)

Allows fast binary interception of OpenGL function calls at the binary level

Guarantees reliable binary interception of OpenGL calls

Supports OpenTK’s X11 window extension (creating a dedicated X11 window)

Allows comprehensive analysis of OpenGL calls in user-defined activity context (with the help of X11 window), including:

Text logging with image list dumping

Memory management on top of Windows heap with the help of OpenTK

Different logging levels for more detailed logging

Integrated OpenGL version override plugin

Integrated OpenGL call logging plugin

Integrated OpenGL call logging with text files to display live

Undocumented Windows system call logging

Able to create text files of your logs and display them within the application

GUI application logging

Integrated 3D desktop device available for use

Intercepts all OpenGL function calls, complete with the context in which they were called

In summary, GLIntercept is an efficient debugging tool designed to deliver reliable and comprehensive analysis of OpenGL function calls and allow saving of your game logs. No additional native libraries are needed.

Getting Started

Download GLIntercept for your operating system from here. Double-click on the compressed folder to extract the files.

Extract the contents of the archive to the root directory of your computer.

Open the setup.exe file. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the software.

Start the GLIntercept software.

Opening a Viewer Window

OpenGL calls come in three basic categories: attribute modification, vertex shader control, and immediate mode drawing commands. It’s important to view OpenGL calls during the development stage to determine if the software is issuing appropriate calls.

There are two ways to use GLIntercept:

GLIntercept API Monitor

Click the GLIntercept icon in the system tray.

Click GLIntercept API Monitor.

The view in the main window shows OpenGL calls in an activity context.


GLIntercept Crack

GLIntercept is a debugging tool designed to capture and create logs with all OpenGL calls on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows computers. This function call interceptor works for any OpenGL-compatible application.
Worth noting is that you must download the architecture type supported by the program you want to debug, which doesn’t necessarily have to equal your operating system’s.
The installation operation is speedy and requires minimal user intervention. Afterward, it’s necessary to copy the opengl32.dll library and gliConfig.ini configuration file (from the installed directory) to the.exe folder of the program you’re intending to intercept for OpenGL calls.
In the following step, you can examine the gliConfig.ini file and make modifications if you’re not satisfied with the default configuration. For example, it’s possible to disable function call logging, flush the logger after each OpenGL call on text files (useful for troubleshooting crashes), as well as set the name and path for storing the logged files (otherwise, they are saved in the same location as opengl32.dll).
There are several predefined configuration files available in the downloaded package, such as basic text logging with image list dumping (default gliConfig.ini), a demo showing how to use the OpenGL version override plugin (gliConfig_ExtOverride.ini), and the author’s preferred development settings (gliConfig_DebugContext.ini).
Make sure to check out GLIntercept’s readme document for additional information.

Configuring the logger

1. Print out the code, generate the path to opengl32.dll and the file name to store the logs.
2. Locate the sub folder that contains the logs, which is saved in the same folder as gliConfig.ini. For example, the generated log files are saved in C:\Program Files (x86)\ProgramName\Debug\Logs\log_log.txt for x86, and C:\Program Files\ProgramName\Debug\Logs\log.txt for x64.
3. Open the log.txt file in Notepad and copy its content, including all the opengl function call logging.
4. Open gliConfig.ini in a text editor and search for the #Logger_Off directive.
5. Add the line: LogLevel=Off to this directive.
6. Save the file and close the text editor.
7. Copy all the content from the open

What’s New In GLIntercept?

GLIntercept is a library to intercept, log, and
report all OpenGL calls and messages made in your
program. It is a great debugger tool that can be
used as a standalone GUI tool, or incorporated into
any application that uses DirectX/OpenGL.
You can read a brief description of the tool
right here.
The great news is that I’ve put together a nice
GUI for GLIntercept which will allow you to
catch all OpenGL calls in a pretty simple way,
without having to edit any configuration files
to get the desired effect.
To get started right away, download the
latest version of the GLIntercept GUI (for
Windows users) from the following link:

The GUI dialogs are quite self-explanatory.
Check out the video below if you would like to
see how the tool actually works.

Installation Steps:

If you have any problems downloading,
please don’t hesitate to write me.
Feel free to use the icons below for
questions in the channel, or visit the
bug tracker for troubleshooting.

Download the installer:

Visit the release page on the download
Download the released file.
Extract the files to your desktop.
Install the software, so it automatically creates the
config file and opengl32.dll library.
Copy the opengl32.dll library into the.exe
directory of your application. You can
find the.exe folder in the running
directory of your application.
Copy the opengl32.dll library and the
gliConfig.ini configuration file (from
the installed directory) to the.exe
folder of your application.

What’s Different:

GLIntercept’s GUI will not only be
used by developers for debugging
purposes, but you can as well create
your own version of the GUI for any
purpose you wish.
If you decide to modify the
gliConfig.ini file, you will be
prompted by the program if you are a
valid user. If

System Requirements For GLIntercept:

-Intel/AMD/Nvidia architecture
-Intel or AMD compatible processor
-Intel compatible graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 6800+)
-Intel compatible sound card or USB Audio Interface
-At least 1.5GB free space
You can view the full list of features and requirements here.
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