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MagixMovieEditPro15Plusdownload __FULL__VersionSerialNumber



bottom line: this feature is easy to use. when i changed from pinnacle studio 14 to pinnacle studio 16, i transferred my projects over. i decided to get my projects out of the old pinnacle studio so that i wouldn’t be tied into the old pinnacle system. i soon discovered that i didn’t have room on my hard drive for the new pinnacle studio so i had to look for other ways to handle my projects. one day i went to a video sharing website and found some free videos on one site. the producer made an extra dvd containing some of the best, and this is what i use for reference.

in order to help you get started, here are some short tutorials. it is not possible to attend a longer training on dvd. the tutorials are how to use pinnacle studio and do new features. the tutorial covers pinnacle studio and movie edit pro 15 plus features. you don’t need to read the tutorial, you can always go to the help menu and press “next” to just read and learn. it is best not to pay attention at the time, and focus on the feature and the feature alone. “next” will bring you to another tutorial. watch out for the “end” button. to continue to the next tutorial, press “next”. when you are finished with the tutorial and press “end”, pinnacle studio will bring up a list of all tutorials, then bring you back to the “about” tutorial. the feature mentioned in this tutorial is in the library. although it is ok to create movies in your computer’s primary hard drive, it is usually easier to create movies in a hard drive attached to your computer. there is one last page in the tutorial which offers a free download of pinnacle studio 16, and the tutorials are kept here too.

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