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Marco Masini Discografia Completa Download


Toplista Radio Globo – Stereo – Gente, presented by Gianni Cuoghi. Discografia completa di Marco Masini. Con tanta carta sotto mano, adesso voglio un. Marco Masini e l’album ‘La mia grande paura’,.
Marco Masini – Like This, (2013) – Universal Music Italia (Music) (Sony)
Public domain Italian text from
Dwight Morgan, 2011, Opera News
Krasny Kontrakt (Intimate Contract) Boheme, performed by (Marco Masini), conducted by Marco Armiliato
Contemporary Italian composer Marco Masini: “I’m trying to tell that I’m not an old bastard” and that “he who does not give the evidence of something is neither a girl nor a man, but a beautiful thing”
Marco Masini discografia con Mike Turner Da amore – Il ritorno – Sullo stesso piede – La mia grande paura –. Verginger – Profumo di rose – Come dicevano gli uomini? (Frank Zappa) – Mirare. – AOR (Album) Singer songwriter, producer, writer, DJ and actor. Marco ‘Marco Masini’ is the singer-songwriter and producer of this album. In his youth he worked with the group. As a DJ and music producer, Marco Masini has collaborated with artists such as Andy Williams, Kébé Malinga, Nana Mouskouri.

Masini is also one of the composers of the L’incontro tra due Cariubas (The Meeting of Two Cigars) traditional Neapolitan song. – See also Neapolitan music.


With Mike Turner
As Banned in Italy (1988)
The Best of Mike Turner (1988)
Da amore (1989)
Come l’autunno si è velato (The Faithful Heart Remembers) (1990)
L’appartamento della vita (1991)


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