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Maximus CD Player is a CD player for Windows with many interesting features and qualities.
Here are some key features of “Maximus CD Player”:
■ Naming discs and tracks with no length limit
■ Using existing CDPLAYER.INI (disc database of the standard Windows CD Player), even greater than 64k
■ Direct jump to any track on disc using its number or song name
■ Jumping to any position within tracks
■ Can be minimized to system tray (next to clock) using SmallCD
■ Programming
■ Track order and listing
■ Portions of single tracks
■ With fading effects and own volume settings
■ Editing information about discs even if not present in drive in that moment
■ Immediate panoramic view of all artists and songs of any disc
■ Fading (in/out) effects
■ Different playing modes (shuffle, intro scan, single) and repeating
■ Alarm option
■ Sleep option with fade out
■ Volume control and mute option directly in Maximus window
■ You can record if you lent discs to friends
■ Antiflicker and antiblockades scheme
■ Spectrum analyzer (GISSS)
■ Fully customizable fullscreen view
■ Really customizable interface
■ Can be associated to Audio CDs instead of standard CD Player very easily
■ Can be loaded automatically at each startup
■ Can continue playing the last track played before Windows was restarted or closed
■ When minimized to system tray Maximus unloads and passes to SmallCD







Maximus CD Player License Key Full [Win/Mac]

Maximus CD Player Cracked Accounts is a 32 bit Windows program that can play any of your CDs using any CD player. It is versatile, powerful, fast and easy to use.
What makes Maximus CD Player special:
■ Easy to use. No programming, no expessiveness, you just click for every function
■ Very quick and smooth
■ Lots of configurable options
■ Easy to use: no heavy processing, no many sample-recordings, no tricky stuff, just easy to use with many easy to use functions, easy to make any combinations of features
■ No shortcuts, no mouse, no fancy-things, just a simple program, easy to use, no windows are minimized in the taskbar, no windows are overlaps anymore in classic mode, no fire-and-smoke
■ Allows you to use any CD player of Windows as a frontend for Maximus
■ Very customizable interface
■ Volume control, mute and other global options in the window experience that they are, these statistics are important.

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Maximus CD Player Download

Cdmaximus also offers another unusual feature, whereby it can quickly recall certain media, without having to specifically find and play that media; it simply remembers where the tracks reside on discs and devices, and can play any of those tracks without having to find the disc.

This ability is provided via the CDPlayer.ini file, so that users can program these listings of discs and tracks into their system. This file is actually a text file, so the program can import it from a text file and then add or adjust the disc and track listings for each disc, and each folder.

The program can be launched through other software while a disc is still being played, but the main window is minimal. All you need to do is view the musical selections that are stored on the disc, which will be displayed in the same window as where the music is being played from. The window displays a playlist, which you can edit, by seeking to the desired song in the playlist.

The program also displays a grid or list of CDs in the window. Each disc in the list appears in the window with a summary of the disc data, and the songs or other tracks in the list are also displayed in their original form. Also, the program displays in the list each song that is playing or has been previously played, and it can detect where the song is in the disc so that it can place it where you want it to be. You can even pause the music before displaying it, and then resume it.

If the audio is from the Internet, then the CD can be adjusted to play the music on the computer from your Internet radio station.

When the disc is selected, it is displayed with a list of the tracks on the disc. By double-clicking a track, the playback of the music can be instantly moved to that position, and a full playlist can be enabled for that disc. In addition, the program can list each folder on your computer’s hard drive in which that disc is located, and then you can quickly gain access to the music in that folder.

The program allows you to be very specific about each disc and track. It can detect and read the CD Library from the disc, and it can also detect whether it is a newly burned disc, or a previously played disc, and it can display those two types differently in the window. Thus, you can have a very unique list of musical selections.

The program also provides a full playback option, where the disc

Maximus CD Player Crack+ Registration Code [Latest-2022]

Let’s start with the very strange aspect that most people don’t know of, and that is that I made it from Scratch. Well, of course the software is supported by me, and I will be available for questions. I will not ask for money for this software!
Main features:
■ Disc Menu that I have been long waiting for. Allow direct jump to any disc.
■ Jump to track on a disc. Jump to position, step by step.
■ Direct jump to any song or position of a track. If the song name or track number is not programmed, then use “TrackNumber”, or you can “jump” to any part of the track by the song name.
■ Programming: With “AutoPlay” turned off, you can program and save in a single INI a disc with tracks and their order.
■ “AutoPlay”, “TrackName” or “TrackNumber” can be also programmed.
■ Programming and saving can be saved in a single “CDPlayer.ini” for any discs
■ “Disc menu” not only shows the disc name, but also shows the track name and order.
■ “Disc menu” can be saved for any discs on memory.
■”Disc menu” is saved in memory and shows the name, track name, track order and path of every disc on memory.
■ At “Disc menu” you can hide/unhide the “Disc menu” depending on the current disc position.
■ A lot of personal settings for every CD that can be recorded.
■ “Disc menu” allows to jump to any disc in a single click using “TrackNumber” or “TrackName”.
■ At “Disc menu” you can unload and resume from any disc the last playing song.
■ With “AutoPlay” turned off, you can load any disc on memory directly to “Disc menu”.
■ With “AutoPlay” turned on, you can always play the last loaded disc.
■ At “Disc menu” you can access to the “Record List” to record any disc to memory.
■ At “Disc menu” you can access to the “TrackList” for every disc.
■ At “Disc menu” you can exit after any disc is played and ejected.
■ “Disc menu”

What’s New In Maximus CD Player?

Maximus CD Player is a program that plays CD-R and/or CD-RW (incl. CD-RW discs that have been written to DVD-RW, CD-R, “hybrid” discs etc.) and records songs from CD. The program can be loaded without installation in the registry of Windows and can be started from Windows Explorer.
Optimized for games
“Easily loadable from Windows Explorer
Load and unload in Windows while running”
“Smart Scan” mode with “skip”
“Recording or Play” mode “auto pause”
“Labeling,” “Auto play” and “Skip” (maximum 2 discs)
“Reverse searching”
“Shuffle/Intro Scan”
“Direct Disc Jumping”
“Automatic fast Track Jumping”
The history of played discs is saved and reloaded automatically when asked for after restart of Windows
“Maximus Tips” can be opened in any other program
“Track Listing” (sorted Artist, Album, Album Art, Song Name and Disc number)
“Scrolling” to any track position directly
“Sort” CD’s in any order
“Index” or “Disc Number” view of all discs
“File Browser” view of all files on discs
“Label Editor” with many options
“Album Art Editor” with many options
“Bar Graph Editor” to see a bar graph of the number of times certain tracks were played during a session, for example all the tracks from ‘Blueline Mint’ CD.
“Demo Player” to play MP3 files
“Strobe light” for player cd-burning programs (stopped automatically after a specified time)
“Pause/Play/Stop” when mouse is pressed on the “Play” button on the right side of window (hides the zoom-wheel)
“Cut/Copy/Paste” the contents of window to/from clipboards
“Adjustable Playbar width” (fixed size, variable width)
“Amplification” mode for studio effects
Integration with the volume control
“Smart Play/Stop” using timer
“Auto Insert” the last opened program
“First entry: last exit”
“Speed ramp” to overcome reading/writing speed differences between drives
“Include”/Disable Microphone”/Disable Input”
“Set # of Secs. to” (play/pause)

System Requirements:

Pentium 3.06 GHz, 1GB of RAM
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
1024×768 resolution
Controller Requirements:
Max. 20 players
Max. 16 players
Max. 8 players
Controller is not supported
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