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Metodosytecnicasdeinvestigacionlourdesmunchpdf457 ~REPACK~



Please help.


The error lies in your file contents:
Is it supposed to be a valid C# program?
If you look at this question C# user is actually asking for an answer on how to use the installed package CLI for C# projects, but it only sees like a string of weird characters.
It would be better if you ask for help on a C# related forum. Since you are asking for help on learning C#, I’m not sure if this would be the right site for this question.


How do I parse data from an HTML table into an array?

I have a table that is dynamically updated with data, and I need to parse this out into an array.
I am not sure if this is the correct way to do it, but here is what I have thus far:


var start = new Date();

//set a global variable to start of program
var starts = document.getElementById(“starts”);

//on submit of form
document.getElementById(“submit”).onclick = function () {

//get the data from the form
var first = document.getElementById(“first”).value;
var second = document.getElementById(“second”).value;
var third = document.getElementById(“third”).value;
var fourth = document.getElementById(“fourth”).value;

//get the data from the table
var table = starts.getElementsByTagName(‘tr’);
var row = table.length;
var col = table[0].cells.length;
var data = table[0].cells[0].innerHTML;

//var data = table[0].cells[0].innerHTML;
//var data = table.cells[0].innerHTML;
//var data = [table.innerHTML];
//var data = document.getElementsByTagName(‘table’);
//var rows = document.getElementsByTagName(‘tr’);

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