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Features Key:

  • 49 Heilwald locations with challenging puzzles to solve that unveil hidden treasures
  • Visualize secret passages with over 180 vantage points
  • Rich background featuring more than 20 game levels
  • 4 different game modes


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From the award-winning writers of the Breach series, you’re in command of a squadron of airships, air tankers, and bombers in a world where nothing but Death’s wings fly. Take your squad through a campaign of heart-pounding missions set amid enemy territory and waterfalls, rubble and mines, as you fight above the clouds, sea and desert… on both land and air.
Key Features:
Duel in a dog-eat-dog world where nothing but Death’s wings fly.
Choose from 6 different classes and customize your air fleet.
Move your squads of ships through 3 different types of missions, including mountain ranges, deserts, and a flooded island.
Battle the element of the air, water and land in the 3D arena.
Stay on the offense or retreat with even more tactics to use.
3D arena with real-time airship movement.
Air ship to airship combat.
Mount up to 24 simultaneous ship battles.
Frag the air, fireball the ground.
Seasons, day & night cycle.
Special timed events with optional replays.
Attack any base or tower on the map.
Campaign that unlocks all the missions in campaign mode.
Choose your weapon load out in battle with fully customizable loadout system.
Assemble an elite squad and earn a Spot Award for taking out a specific tower or base.Share this article

Swiss report is latest to find Zurich excess of migrants

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There are more than 400,000 migrants in Switzerland. A study published on Thursday found that an excess of about 300,000 migrants had moved into Switzerland between 2008 and 2013, and that one in every five residents was a migrant.

“From 2007 to 2013, 667,564 of the 2,523,463 people who moved to Switzerland were looking for a better life,” said the report by the Institute for Statistics and Economic Research at Zurich University.

It said only half of those migrants who arrived in Switzerland in 2008 and 2013 had registered and obtained residency permits, as stipulated in Swiss law.

“Much of Switzerland’s prosperity is due to the free movement of workers,” the study said. It said the foreign workforce was contributing $8.1 billion to the country’s gross domestic product in 2013.

“Switzerland is one of only two countries in the European Union where the number of foreign residents is rising. If it were not for the right to live and work freely


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(Since this game is being released on steam, there’s no detail image available for “Systematic Insanity” on Steam. However, there is an Official Launch Trailer and 2 Story Play Screens available for you to watch for a better understanding.)Five-star running back A.C. Leonard has revealed to Rivals.com that he received a scholarship offer from Clemson this past weekend.

“This was a really big weekend for me,” said Leonard. “I visited there [Clemson] a few weeks ago and I had planned to go this past weekend but we had to postpone the trip due to the snowstorm. They offer this week and I’m just happy that they saw me. They have one of the best running backs in the country, but I’m just trying to focus on my senior year and getting better.”

The 5-foot-10, 195-pounder rushed for almost 2,000 yards in his high school career, posting 1,868 yards and 22 touchdowns on the ground. He led his team to a state championship and was also a finalist for the Gagliardi Trophy this past season.

“I’m very impressed with their running back position,” said Leonard. “I can see why they are ranked so high. I have nothing to worry about at running back there.”

Leonard received an offer from Tennessee, as well, in addition to numerous others that he’s not revealing at this time.Autism spectrum disorders: a case of congenital Zika syndrome in a 13-year-old girl.
Zika virus is an arbovirus related to dengue virus and yellow fever virus, which causes mild-to-severe human illness. Recent reports have highlighted the association of congenital Zika syndrome (CZS) and neurodevelopmental disorders in newborns. In this study, we describe a 13-year-old girl who was presented with her one-year history of high-functioning autism spectrum disorder. The patient has a history of low birth weight (1,250 g), microcephaly, partial hearing loss, and developmental delay. She also has an older brother who also has autism spectrum disorder and delay. Brain magnetic resonance imaging of the patient revealed characteristic of congenital Zika syndrome.Periplaneta fuliginosa: Molecular evidence of the distribution of two sibling species in Germany.
The first species-specific PCR assay for Periplaneta americana applied to German insects


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