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The keymacro will show macro-level information. This feature gives a human-friendly representation of the raw data.
Text information can be overlaid alongside the raw data. It can be overlaid on both the RGB and the luminance channels.
The Text Information Section includes details such as title, author, journal and date. This information is obtained from the MEDIADATA section. The toolkit also includes a feature to show the patient’s height, weight and gender.
Additional Information:
Preview: Preview mode allows the user to view the raw data in their entirety. The Preview image is a.DICOM image where the data is not overlayed with text information.
This is very useful when a user is trying to obtain basic medical information from a DICOM file.
Text information: Text information, such as title, author, journal and date, is provided for each header within the header section.
Text information can be overlaid alongside the raw data on both the RGB and the luminance channels.
Display Image: The display image lets the user view the image in its entirety. The image is overlayed with the information found in the header section.
Medical Image List View: The medical image list view will show the DICOM file by listing each item. This mode is useful when the user is viewing a large DICOM file.
Toolbox: Toolbox provides a one click workflow for accessing medical information. There is also a Quick Navigation bar where the user can navigate through the images. The Quick Navigation bar includes links to the patient’s height, weight, gender, and also the age at the time of the examination.
Media File Analysis: Media File Analysis allows users to see the dimensions of the file and the media type. This is useful when the user needs to store a DICOM file.
Note: SISCOS/SISCOM is a medical imaging software toolbox developed by Philips Medical Systems. 
W3C CONNECTIONS: W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium, promotes the Web as the open standard for the transfer of all forms of information. W3C works to advance web technologies, provide leadership in the quality of such technologies, and advocate their use throughout the industry.
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for 70238732e0

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Set your layer’s input/output and pattern info
Set your layer’s compression, expander and autogain properties
Set your layer’s process type
Control the dry/wet mix input and output for the compressor
Control the gain and threshold compression values
Control the compression threshold values for the compressor
Control the expander’s threshold values
Control the autogain’s threshold value
Control the expander’s expander threshold values
Control the autogain’s gain setting
Set your layer’s process type
User interface description:
Renderer information:
VST 3.0 (VST 3.x.x), VST 2.4 (VST 2.x.x), AudioUnit, AU V3.0 (AU V3.x.x) or AAX (AAX V2.x.x)
Interface and Rendering:
AAX (VST 3.0 and VST 2.4), AU (VST 3.0 and VST 2.4)
EQ (VST 3.0 and VST 2.4), REVERB (VST 3.0 and VST 2.4)
VST (VST 2.4, VST 3.0 and VST 3.5), AU (VST 2.4), AAX (VST 3.0 and VST 3.5), AU (VST 3.5)
Includes a large range of presets


My go-to compressor is Izotope RX which is free, but also has a sizable price tag if you’re a paying customer. The great thing about Izotope RX is that it includes a few sample sets, but you can edit these as well as create your own if you’re so inclined.
In my experience, Izotope RX does a great job of limiting the level of distortion of high-gain recording without introducing too much pumping or distortion of the high-end frequencies.
You can learn more about how it works by reading this article here.


My favorite compressor is Waves Saturate. It has really nice saturation effects, so that it is a little similar to what U-He (my favorite U-He preset) is doing. You can learn more about this compressor here.
I used to use Izotope RX, but the Saturate isn’t really as good as I remember it. I ended up using Waves Saturate,

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