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Due to the placement of the touchpad in most notebooks, it is not uncommon to trigger it unintentionally while typing, which can be an issue if you accidentally move the cursor to a different window.
NtbTyperHelper is a small Java-based program that seeks to provide you with a solution – it runs quietly in the system tray and disables the cursor whenever you start typing, thus making accidental touchpad input impossible.
Prevent cursor movements while typing
While the program is running, it will check for keyboard input continuously and temporarily disable the cursor while you are typing something. The touchpad will be enabled again as soon as keyboard input is no longer detected.
If you use this application, any accidental touchpad actions should be ignored while typing. However, this also means you cannot press any keys while moving the cursor, so you cannot keep it enabled at all times.
Useful tool that needs some tweaks
NtbTyperHelper runs in the system tray, so it won’t interfere with whatever you are doing. In order to enable or disable it, you can use the Ctrl+Alt+P hotkey. However, it would have been great this could be done by just clicking the tray icon.
It would also be great if users had the option of setting some keys or hotkeys as exceptions so that they can be pressed without disabling the cursor. This would make it easier to keep the program active in certain situations while continuing your work.
Some configuration options might also be welcome, as users may want to fine-tune certain parameters, such as how long the cursor is disabled after pressing a key.
Promising utility that can be very helpful for laptop users
Overall, NtbTyperHelper can certainly come in handy if you find yourself triggering the touchpad accidentally all the time. However, it needs a few more features, as it can be quite difficult to use in its current state.


Download » https://bytlly.com/2smzsZ

Download » https://bytlly.com/2smzsZ






NtbTyperHelper Crack+ With License Key Free Download

Disable touchpad while typing
Keyboard-only text input
No notification popups and lockscreen
Simple and customizable tray icon
System tray detection, no need to move the program to system tray
No tray iconFacebook logo Facebook icon Twitter logo Twitter icon Envelope Email icon

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NtbTyperHelper Crack+

The program is a small Java-based utility that is designed to prevent accidental pointer actions while typing.
What it does
NtbTyperHelper runs in the system tray and periodically checks for keyboard input. When the keyboard input is detected, the pointer is temporarily disabled.
If you are using the program, it is not recommended to press any keys, as pressing any key will instantly deactivate the cursor. However, pressing the Ctrl+Alt+P hotkey will automatically enable the touchpad and return the pointer to normal operation.
Keep the power of the touchpad to yourself
NtbTyperHelper comes with no installation files, but you can download the latest version from its official website.
Let us know what you think about this topic in the comments section below.
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Recently, I received a call from a friend of mine, who informed me that his daughter had started getting frequent issues with her touchpad. After about half an hour of testing, he claimed he had found the culprit, and was able to remove it.
He was pretty sure that the touchpad has not been fixed, as the issue is reproducible.
This post is written as a general guide to help you identify and fix the problem on your own, should you have any experience with touchpad issues.
In addition to that, it’s important to remember that the methods described in this guide are very dependent on the model of the laptop that you use.
Therefore, make sure that you read and verify if your particular laptop belongs to the category specified below before you attempt to fix the problem.
Let’s start with a more general overview, so that you may better understand what the issue is and how it can be fixed.
How to identify and fix the problem
Touchpad issues usually manifest themselves as erratic pointer movements, while typing or browsing the web.
These erratic pointer movements will cause the cursor to move in unexpected ways and across unintended areas of the display, resulting in improper text or page navigation.
The symptoms will vary depending on the laptop brand and model. In most cases, the cursor will jump and move off the display completely, or the cursor will simply stop working. In other situations, users will find that all the fingers on one hand will not work anymore.
The touchpad issues are also a cause of frustration, since they make you lose work.
They also increase the risk of accidents

NtbTyperHelper Crack Download

NtbTyperHelper is a small, Java-based application that runs in the system tray and disables the mouse cursor while you are typing.

⇑ Exploring the Keyboard From a Unity Lens – A primer
If you’ve ever tried to use a keyboard shortcut in Unity, you know it’s not very intuitive.
You can’t see where your cursor is. You don’t know what the default shortcut is. And if you try to remap the default, you’ll find that you have to spend hours trying to get it to work.
Unity ships with a bunch of keyboard shortcuts for common actions, but it’s not well-organized. And it doesn’t give you any feedback.
The developer who controls those shortcuts has no way of knowing what’s working or not.
Today, we’ll show you how to use the Unity Lens, which will make your life easier.
⇑ Unity Lens – It’s a lot easier to edit settings from anywhere
That’s right: you can actually use the Unity Lens to tweak keyboard shortcuts or remap default system ones.
It works a lot like the system’s keyboard settings, so you can jump around and open different dialogs. And if you find a setting you like, you can save it.
Let’s see how this works.
First, you’ll need to enable the Unity Lens. If you use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, you should open the Tweaks application. Other distros will have a similar application.
Once you have the Tweaks application open, click the Lens icon in the top left.
⇑ A game demo shows you how to remap keyboard shortcuts using Unity Lens
You can also create shortcuts manually. Unity generates a lot of keyboard shortcuts, but they’re not organized in a logical way.
For example, you can either open the game settings dialog or go to the video settings. You can choose different input devices.
But if you have a keyboard shortcut, you can’t see where it’s defined.
Unity Lens works a lot like the system’s keyboard settings: you can open it, and you can choose to modify shortcuts or remap the default ones.
As we just mentioned, it also generates a lot of shortcuts.
Before you start using Unity Lens, you might want to actually spend some time learning the Unity keyboard shortcuts. That’s because you need to know what’s going on before you start using the keyboard shortcuts.
And when you use Unity Lens, things get

What’s New in the?

This utility is a quick and easy way to help prevent accidental touchpad movements while using your laptop.

NtbTyperHelper: To disable the mouse

Its use is very simple; just install the program and click the icon in the system tray. You will then be prompted to press Ctrl+Alt+P to enable the touchpad or the system tray icon to disable the touchpad.

Important NtbTyperHelper: To disable the mouse: To disable the mouse

Once installed, the program will always be checking for keyboard input. This means that the touchpad will be disabled while you are typing. In this situation, the cursor will be left in the top left corner of your screen, which means you won’t be able to move the cursor.


NtbTyperHelper is a free software for Windows. It is compatible with all editions of Windows and is about 3.5 MB in size.

The program can be easily installed by clicking the following link:

NtbTyperHelper Screenshot:

Some users may want to automatically start the program when the system is restarted, and they may not want to disable the touchpad while they are typing. This can be achieved by downloading and installing AutoNtb or by using the Registry Editor.

The full name of the application is AutoNtb. It has several editions, such as free, trial, pro, enterprise and professional. There is also a portable version that is about 9 MB in size.

AutoNtb features several useful tools, such as a system tray icon to automatically run the application, a timeout management tool and keyboard shortcut options for enabling or disabling the program.

In addition to the aforementioned features, AutoNtb allows you to view the applications that are running and to launch an application with a mouse click.

AutoNtb Key Features:

System tray icon to automatically run the program

Manager enables you to disable or enable the application according to your needs

Tools that allow you to disable a specific process

Tool to set keyboard shortcuts to launch the program

Tool to display process information (process name, number of threads, total memory, etc.)

Registry Editor editor to modify application’s startup information

AutoNtb Screenshot:

AutoNtb is an open source application, so it is customizable. It is available for Windows 8


System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7400 @ 2.80GHz, or better
Memory: 2 GB RAM (4 GB for Recommended)
Hard Disk: 300 MB of free space
Video Card: DirectX 11-compatible, Windows Vista(TM) and above, or DirectX 9-compatible, Windows XP(R) and above, at 1024 x 768 or 1280 x 1024 resolution


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