Poor Sakura Fight 1

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Poor Sakura Fight 1


Naruto and Sasuke Teams (Uzumaki Clan)
Sakura vs Neji (Fully Dressed Sakura)
Sakura vs Hoshigaki (Fully Dressed Sakura)
Sakura vs Hanabi (Fully Dressed Sakura)
Sakura vs Shima (Fully Dressed Sakura)
Sakura vs Chouji (Fully Dressed Sakura)
Sakura vs Kurama (Fully Dressed Sakura)
Sakura vs Future (Fully Dressed Sakura)
Sakura vs Minato (Uzumaki Clan)
Sakura vs Kakashi (Uzumaki Clan)
Sakura vs Jiraiya (Uzumaki Clan)
Sakura vs Orochimaru (Uzumaki Clan)
Sakura vs Madara (Uzumaki Clan)
Sakura vs Obito (Uzumaki Clan)
Sakura vs Kishi (Konoha Clan)
Sakura vs Tanaka (Han Shinkai)
Sakura vs Sai (Han Shinkai)
Sakura vs Hattori (Han Shinkai)
Sakura vs Ichiryuu (Witch of Hiroshima)
Sakura vs Liar (Jiraiya)
Sakura vs Danny (Sasuke)
Sakura vs Joker (Hinata)
Sakura vs Okami (Okami)
Sakura vs Shimoda (Okami)
Sakura vs Baki (Okami)
Sakura vs Nagato (Okami)
Sakura vs Minato (Okami)
Sakura vs Ki (Okami)
Sakura vs Sasori (Okami)
Sakura vs Hiyoshi (Okami)
Sakura vs Shichibusa (Okami)
Sakura vs Aoi (Okami)
Sakura vs Bitch (Okami)
Sakura vs Keigo (Okami)
Sakura vs Otomedi (Okami)
Sakura vs Tsuchikage (Okami)
Sakura vs Dokyukenju (Okami)
Sakura vs Oborozuki (Okami)
Sakura vs Kazekage (Okami)
Sakura vs Yuki (Okami)
Sakura vs Jito (Okami)
Sakura vs Matsui (Okami)
Sakura vs Saito (Okami)
Sakura vs Nadare (Okami)
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Dec 15, 2017
Naruto is one hot fucking hardcore spanking game where you play as the perverted fool and get spanked by his pervy mistress. Your family is out of town and you have no one to fuck your tight little asshole, so you spend the night with one of your best friends who needs to pass her classes.Â
Nov 25, 2018
Game developers write: Poor Sakura Fight contains Mature content and is NOT suitable for people under the age of 18. This game contains disturbing content, will make you wet, may contain nudity and sexual content. All characters, voices, and locations are included as a reference only and not intended to depict actual persons, living or dead.Â
July 5, 2019
Release Date: July 3, 2019.

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