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– The KEYMACRO is used to protect your PC from keyloggers, spyware, Trojan horses, etc. It is a fundamental tool to protect your system from hostile actions.
You can configure a Keyboard Macro to take care of many common tasks in your PC, including switching your screen brightness up or down, or to switch on or off your Wi-Fi connection.
The process is quite simple. When you press the keys which define the Macro you wish to activate, you are forwarded to the application.
For example, if you want to execute a command to open the Terminal window, you will have to press the keys ‘t’, ‘o’, ‘n’ and’m’.
If you want to execute a command to open the Internet Explorer browser, you will have to press the keys ‘i’, ‘e’,’s’ and ‘p’.
If you want to enable or disable the Wi-Fi connection, you will have to press the keys ‘w’, ‘i’ and ‘n’.
If you want to switch your screen brightness, you will have to press the keys’s’ and ‘b’.
LATEST UPDATE – 03/24/2014:
Note: This program is not guaranteed to work if your system is configured to use the Easy Setup Method. It will be configured for the Hard Key Method when run on a system that has the Easy Setup Method configured.
Ver 7.2.1 – v 1.2 – INTRODUCTION:
NOTE: Before downloading this utility make sure that your Windows firewall is disabled.
Do not forget to enable it again after installation.
IMPORTANT: When you want to check the product version of this utility, press the following key combo: CTRL+SHIFT+ESC
You will be prompted to show the ‘about’ window of this utility.
Press the menu button ‘Edit’ – ‘Preferences’ – ‘Check For Updates’
VERY IMPORTANT: If you install this application it will replace the original or updated version.
If you want to use the previous version you can install this one as a patch.
To do so:
1) Go to the folder of the application you downloaded.
2) Open the folder icon.
3) Right-click on this folder icon.
4) Choose to ‘Extract all files here’.
In the dialog box that appears choose ‘Yes’ and then extract the downloaded program.
5) Run the updated 4f8c9c8613

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Global Clipboard is a free application that makes working with the Windows clipboard easier. It’s known for its multitasking abilities, and its main window is split into three main areas. The context menu lets you work with items, while the main window offers a preview of clipboard content.
Keyboard shortcuts:
Global Clipboard features more than 20 customizable keyboard shortcuts that can be assigned to various operations. They can be activated either through the context menu or main window. In addition to that, you can set hotkeys to automatic hide the application, and perform paste operations.
Global Clipboard features two windows, which provides a better overview of content. The left window offers a preview of clipboard content, while the right window contains buttons that are used to edit and export clipboard items.
Save sets:
Save sets are sets of slots, for example, that all contain text items, or files. It comes in handy for performing a quick paste operation, or for creating a custom slot set. The built-in manager lets you modify and save existing sets, and quickly load them in future.
Global Clipboard is capable of working with multiple items simultaneously. The window shows multiple items in different colors, and each can be individually copied, cut, pasted, and moved. You can also hide specific items to make it easier to work with them.
Supported file formats:
Global Clipboard is able to work with text files, image files, RTF documents, and so on. Each file is shown with its name, size, and version information.
Global Clipboard is available for free on Windows, as a standalone application.

The Windows clipboard is where the most recent thing you copy gets stored, os it can be used later on where needed. However, the default can only hold one entry, which makes it difficult to handle multiple items. Luckily, you can rely on specialized applications like Global Clipboard that give a lot more power to the clipboard.
Store multiple text and file items
Most of its time is spent in the tray area, but there’s also a main window to work with. Normally interacting with the icon brings it up, and you can make it automatically hide when not needed. The context menu lets you access some quick options to paste, or scroll through existing items.
The main window provides a clear preview of items you copy, especially if they’re text. Files are also shown by name, with the possibility to haveвђt-comment-on-customer-account-activity-citing-client-confidentiality/

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