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1. **1.** Open your image from the first lesson in the “Starting with an Image” section at the beginning of this chapter. Make a duplicate of the image by choosing File→Duplicate (also called Clone) and then press Enter/Return on your keyboard.

There are four slides in this lesson:

2. **2.** Select the Rectangular Marquee tool by pressing the R key on your keyboard. The tool looks like a long, squarish sideways rectangle. Move the tool over the image and drag down to select the area of your picture that you want to cut out and crop. Press Enter/Return on your keyboard to Crop the image to the bounds of the cropping area, as shown in Figure 4-2.

**Figure 4-2** Use the tool to select an area of the image that will be cropped or eliminated from the image.

3. **3.** Select the Crop tool from the toolbar or select it from the drop-down menu at the top of your screen. The Crop tool looks like a rectangle with slanted endcaps, as shown in Figure 4-3.

**Figure 4-3** The Crop tool is a rectangle with slanted endcaps.

_To_ Crop an image, follow these steps:

1. **1.** Select the Crop tool and then drag a rectangle selection over the area you want to crop to that looks like an outline.
2. **2.** When the Crop tool is active, the area that will be cropped appears in the background. This image contains a red-checked image that also has a black mask. The white area surrounding the mask is the area that will be cropped, as shown in Figure 4-4.

**Figure 4-4** Crop a portion of the image to the bounds of a selection outline.

4. **3.** When you’re finished cropping, press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard. You can also cancel the crop by clicking the Cancel button.

The image is still selected, so you can continue making changes.

5. **4.** Choose Edit→Free Transform by pressing the T key on your keyboard. The tool looks like a sideways four-cornered rectangle, as shown in Figure 4-5.

**Figure 4-5** The Free Transform tool looks like a squar

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Can I trust Photoshop Elements for work?

If you’re a professional photographer or graphic designer, you’ll need Photoshop. But for most of us, Photoshop Elements is a good choice.

Photoshop Elements is a good choice if you need to edit photographs, need to add or replace sections of an image, or create a new image entirely. If you’re a photographer or designer, you probably don’t need to edit images—you need to create them. Photoshop Elements will let you create new high-quality images.

If you’re a web designer, you’ll often need to edit images that you got from somewhere else or want to replace a background with a custom image. In some cases, though, you’ll need the extra capabilities of Photoshop for web designers to do their jobs.

If you’re a graphic designer or web designer who mostly uses Photoshop, though, Elements is great because it supports features that you might not have access to. Even if you’re a graphic designer who uses Photoshop, you might use it to edit your layouts—so a limited version of Photoshop might be enough. If you’re a photographer, though, Elements does a good job of the editing parts.

Photoshop Elements is probably not a good choice if you need to do any of the following:

Precision. You may not want to edit an image to a 1/1,440th of a pixel because that can be hard to do.

Tools for creating high-quality images. You’ll need Photoshop for that if you’re a graphic designer, web designer or pro photographer.

Tools for dealing with large files. Photoshop is great for large files because the software lets you work with large files easily.

A graphic design program for creating images that look great. You’ll need something more powerful for that.

The license types

Photoshop is available in Windows, macOS, and Android versions. Adobe also offers a subscription service for the full version. For a limited version of Photoshop, though, there are three licensing options:

Standard ($249.99). This is the same as a subscription, but it comes with one year of Photoshop and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Lite ($199.99). This lets you use Photoshop for one year. You don’t get the entire suite of creative cloud services, though.


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Version: 0

## Description
This event generates every time VSS Writer closes or warns about the problem while writing metadata to the image file or the EFS volumes.

## Data Dictionary
|Standard Name|Field Name|Type|Description|Sample Value|
|— | — | — | — | —|
|Server|Description|UnicodeString|The description of the event, if any.|
|Client|SecurityId|UnicodeString|The security identifier (SID) of the client running IWAM protocol.|
|Client|LocalizedText|UnicodeString|The localized text of the event, if any.|
|Client|ActorSystem|UnicodeString|The subject name of the actor system the client is in.|
|Client|ActivityId|UnicodeString|The 64-bit identifier of the win32 Activity ID of the client.|
|Client|Application|UnicodeString|The application name of the client.|
|Client|CommandLine|UnicodeString|The command line of the client.|
|Client|ExeName|UnicodeString|The name of the client executable.|
|Client|LogonGuid|GUID|The SID of the client that this event is for.|
|Client|LogonId|HexInt64|The primary key of the client that this event is for.|
|Client|ProcessId|UInt32|The process ID (PID) of the client that this event is for.|
|Client|UserDomainName|UnicodeString|The name of the user domain of the client that this event is for.|
|Client|UserId|HexInt64|The SID of the client that this event is for.|
|Client|VssWriterGuid|GUID|The GUID of the VSS Writer process|
|Client|VssWriterId|HexInt64|The 64-bit identifier of the VSS Writer process.|
|Client|VssWriterVersion|UInt32|The version number of the VSS Writer process.|
|Client|VMApplication|UnicodeString|The name of the virtual machine associated with this event.|
|Client|VMId|HexInt64|The 64

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Resolve DNS records in development server using CNAME alias

Is there a way to resolve a specific alias “development” as the IP of my development server to be used by a development web application while my real production server uses the main domain of my site (i.e. example.com) to serve my production web application?
So when a web client is called example.com/test.asp, the page will be served from my development server at while when a web client is called example.com, the page will be served from my production server at
I already have a CNAME in my development server called “example.com” which points to, but I couldn’t find a way to resolve a specific alias so that my web application could be served.


I’d change the CNAME of example.com to your development hostname, and then set up your DNS pointing to the www alias of example.com to your development hostname, e.g.


A characteristically rich, bountiful portrait of scientists and humanists, with a remarkable gift for writing. A striking book.

The author (The Sirens of Titan) probes the natures and adventures of a strangely assorted collection of characters who are gathered together by the author for a mystery adventure published in the San Francisco Bay Area newspaper.

The community of citizens of Port Orchard who, in the mid-1980s, collaborate to hunt down the cold-blooded killer of an artist is introduced, as is the relationship between Bechtel, the foremost city builder in the state, and his debonair, if somewhat disreputable, corporate partner. No man (or woman) is an island, as well, and the weathered, bibulous chief of police, recruited for a one-off job of capturing a dangerous creature of the deep, is also presented. The more time I spend reading, the more I appreciate this artist’s fondness for the presentation of people with an eye for the unexpected way in which they respond to the naturally desperate circumstances of daily life.

This is a thoughtful, richly written book. J.A. Kahnweiler

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System Requirements:

Online mode requires a broadband Internet connection.
The Internet connection may be shared with other users.
A single-player or multiplayer match may be started in Offline mode.
Game Modes:
Note: This game supports 3 different modes of play, see below:
– Exhibition: a single match
– Offline: turn-based player vs. AI opponent
– Multiplayer: against other human players on your network
Game Features:
Online Mode – a single match or a multiplayer match
– a single match or


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