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With a long history behind it, years of experience and thousands of users worldwide, Photoshop is, without a doubt, the industry standard when it comes to photo manipulation and graphic design. In fact, its popularity is so widespread that its name became a verb, much like Google. It is habitual to say that an image has been “photoshopped”, which in the urban dictionary means that it was edited or manipulated, no matter the image editor that was used. Photoshop's popularity relies on its versatility and its impressive feature set, which meets the requirements of professional photographers and artists, advertising specialists and graphic designers. Amazing results can be achieved once Photoshop’s capabilities are mastered and explored to their highest potential. Creativity and imagination are the only limits  Photoshop delivers a plethora of tools for image manipulation, while making no compromise on quality whatsoever. Its toolbox includes an overwhelming collection of image editing features both for raster images and vector graphics. As expected with such a powerful and comprehensive application, it requires time, exercise, experimentation and practice to master, perhaps a significant amount of time spent watching tutorials and viewing usage examples to use at full potential. But once mastered, the rich graphics and the astounding images that can be obtained in Photoshop make it all worth it. Give your photos a stunning, eye-catching look  Layer-based editing is at the core of Photoshop, allowing image creation and manipulation using multiple overlays. Masks, filters, shadows and various other effects can be added to a layer. With smart auto-correction capabilities, HDR imaging, color management tools, tons of effects and animations, there is no editing task that Photoshop cannot carry out. It allows you to change picture backgrounds and fix imperfections, or use effects and colors to make a photo be much more eye-catching. It is not just editing tools that you have at hand, but also various drawing tools that bring you close to the real experience of painting in watercolor, spray-painting on a wall and achieve effects that you might not thought can be obtained in the digital world. Moreover, neural filters allow you to color a scene with a few clicks, combine landscapes to create collages or a new scenery and change face expressions in your photos. And, if that is not enough, the application’s functionality can be further extended using new plugins available both inside the application and in Creative Cloud. Presenting the Photoshop family  It is worth mentioning that the Photoshop family includes mobile tools that work together to provide a comprehensive and unmatched image manipulation suite. Photoshop Lightroom offers powerful image editing tools, Photoshop Express is the mobile Photoshop client that can be used on the go, while the Photoshop Camera is an app that allows capturing high-quality photos. Needless to say, Photoshop seamlessly integrates with other of Adobe’s products, allowing you to import content from Illustrator, for instance. The go-to image editing and manipulation software   Photoshop is the emblematic application when it comes to photo editing, managing to challenge your creativity and design skills, while providing the tools and the functionality needed to obtain incredible art and amazing graphics. Thanks to its clever selection tools, its professional-grade editing toolbox and its team collaboration and sharing options, Photoshop’s recognition as the industry standard has, indeed, a solid foundation.







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The more time you spend in Photoshop, the more you can interact with its many tools and eventually start tweaking images for yourself, even if you don’t consider yourself a professional. Photoshop is usually installed with a limited version (like Photoshop CS, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Lightroom, or Photoshop Design) that you can use for image manipulation at your own pace, rather than a full version that will make it hard to work when it’s time to deliver the image for processing. However, you can load a trial version of the full Photoshop program on your computer to create images and test them without losing any work that you have started, which is a useful feature if you are a real newbie, don’t have much time, or just want to give Photoshop a try before committing to a full version. PaintShop Pro Adobe PaintShop Pro has been the industry standard graphics program for the past couple of decades, and as it’s still the industry-accepted standard, you can use it safely for creating graphics. It is the only other program for this book that is a real substitute for Photoshop, although not a direct competition. Adobe PaintShop Pro uses the same layer-based editing system as Photoshop and also offers plenty of drawing tools, gradient tools, and layer tools. It is primarily used for creating illustrations or photos, and although some tools are specifically geared toward photography, most work fine for both. If you’re looking to become more of a visual artist, you can use PaintShop Pro to create fine art. PaintShop Pro has extensive help documentation for new users to help you with the many features and tools, and it can be installed on a Windows computer. However, you should have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements installed before you can use PaintShop Pro. Fusion CS5 Like Photoshop, Adobe’s new app, Fusion CS5, is a powerful app for creating graphics (especially for photographers), but it doesn’t work on macOS computers; it only works on Windows. Although Photoshop (Windows) and Photoshop Elements (Mac) are similar, they offer different features. In fact, in most ways, Photoshop is a more robust option than Photoshop Elements (Mac). To create images in this book, I used the free version of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, PaintShop Pro, and Fusion CS5. Although I tell you to purchase Photoshop Elements to keep the cost down, you can use any of the programs in your edition and save yourself a bit of

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There are a variety of reasons you may want to learn Photoshop. These include: • To learn and practice image editing • To create images for your website or blog. • To create art for your website or blog. Let’s take a look at why you may want to learn Photoshop, and how to get started. Why would you learn Photoshop? You are a photographer and want to edit your photos. You love making artwork and want to create your own images. You want to design for your blog and website. You are a computer programmer and would like to integrate photos or art into a website. You create memes and want to add images. You create images for your own use, or for something you want to share. What do you want to do with Photoshop? Perhaps you want to change the format of an image, or add your own watermarks, tags, or other data. You may want to create a photo collage. Perhaps you want to create art from scratch, such as a photo manipulation or painting. You may want to have fun with your photos or art by using things like brush strokes, blending, and using filters. You might like to add text to images, or to change the type of image, such as from vector to bitmap. You may want to add effects such as 3-D to an image, such as making a picture of a 3-D cube appear as if it is floating in mid-air. You might also want to use an easy and efficient tool to create your own memes, rather than using one of the many image-editing programs available to create your own memes. Either way, you want to be able to edit your photos, create your own photos, or both. Just because you can edit a photo, doesn’t mean you can do anything you want. Don’t be afraid to try new things to learn Photoshop or find out what it is that you can do with Photoshop. What do you need to learn Photoshop? To edit photos, you don’t need to know how to edit in Photoshop, but it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of the tool. If you would like to create art, you don’t need to know how to use Photoshop. You will a681f4349e

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The Bucket tool allows you to fill selection areas with various colors and brushes. This is particularly useful for retouching your images and for making a highlight over your entire image. The airbrush is a good tool for quick creative effects such as adding a paint-like texture over an image. When you are using your airbrush, you need to start by creating a new brush. This will be used in your final image. Here are some common Photoshop basic brushes that you may use: Vintage Feather Brush This is a brush that you can use to put a grainy, film-like texture over an image. You can choose the colors of the stroke and how fine the stroke is. Fine This is one of the most versatile brushes, allowing you to create any type of stroke, including a feather. You can choose how fine the line will be and how far away the line can be seen. Blending This brush is used to blend colors or textures over an image. Just select an area of the image you want to apply to, and then select the brush. The strokes become one color, and blend in the highlighted areas. You can blend strokes with any colors and textures. Pointed Rectangle Brush This is a brush with a point in the center. It can be used to make a selection area, and it can also be used to apply a drawing over your images. Boxed Rectangle Brush This is another regular brush used to select areas of your image. You can use it to make selections for cropping the edges, adding borders, or blemishes. Brush Tips: Use the brush itself to adjust the settings. If you feel like you need to change the size of the brush tip, you can do it by moving a tab, right-clicking in the handle, and selecting Change Size. You can then choose a new size for the brush. Remember that you need a brush with a flexible tip so that you can paint with it. You can use your new brush to make different images. Create the image you want to use, and then adjust the settings of the brush. Once the image is ready, merge the image with Photoshop by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + M or by going to the Transparency panel, and then selecting Overlay. Share this: Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest [[x]](

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10 Processor: Intel Core i5-4690 or equivalent Memory: 6 GB RAM Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or equivalent Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 35 GB available space Additional Notes: OS, hard drive, RAM, graphics card and processor may be subject to minimum system requirements and may vary based on your configuration. We may make changes to the minimum system requirements at any time without prior notification.

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