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‘Photoshop’ as a verb

In this article, I’ll share advice on how to use Photoshop to your advantage and how to be a more effective Photoshop user.

The following tips come from a large group of Photoshop power users (including software creators and vendors) who share their knowledge in a community blog entitled Photoshop Pro Tips. To check out this very talented group of users, you can access the entire Photoshop Pro Tips section on their website.

Here are 50 Photoshop tips from the Photoshop Pro Tips group. Be sure to check out the other Photoshop Pro Tips on the site as well.

Let’s get started.

Adobe Photoshop Tips

While Photoshop includes many useful tools for designers, many inexperienced users tend to rely on Photoshop’s GUI tools to cut images out of their background and then save them with a new overlay. While this can be a very efficient way to manipulate a large number of images quickly, it can also have negative results.

Here are a few reasons why saving images without first cutting them out of their background can be a costly mistake:

When saving images without first cutting them out of their background, the user often forgets to apply the new background overlay properly, potentially leaving unwanted artifacts.

If you save your images using an incorrect size and resolution for the screen or printer, the file you save may be unnecessarily large and cumbersome to send over the Internet.

The time spent cutting out an image from the background is often not accounted for in the time-to-completion of the project. Many designers will often manually enter the time spent on tasks in a project’s estimate, and therefore unknowingly underestimate the time involved.

Resizing and editing images

Part of Photoshop’s workflow process involves resizing and editing images. For many users, this can be a difficult part of a project, and many feel overwhelmed by the process. Luckily, Photoshop has many useful tools that can make this task more efficient.

The following are just some of the tools that can help you with resizing and editing:

Resizing images

There are multiple ways to resize an image. The simplest way to go about this is to resize an image, crop it, save it back out to the original size, and then crop the original image.

When resizing a background image in Photoshop, it is best to apply a smart object to your background, so that if you choose to crop the image, the background will also be cropped (

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Learn Photoshop in 2020

Looking to become a photoshop pro? Then you’ve come to the right place! Since 2003, Skillshare has helped users learn everything from photography and filmmaking to songwriting and knitting. Their mission is to make great skills accessible to everyone, and if you’re looking to learn Photoshop in 2020, Skillshare may be the perfect place to start.

The complete Photoshop training video guide contains everything you need to know to start creating stunning images and awesome memes using Photoshop!

These topics include:

Getting Started

Importing files

Basic editing tools

Importing Photos and Images

Enhancing your photos

Creating Memes

Creating Vintage Photos

Adding Text and other images

Every image needs to have some kind of information. Whether it’s a caption, different typeface, or other image, the tools and techniques that are used to create these effects in Photoshop will help you improve your Photoshop skills and get you closer to creating the image that you’re hoping for.

You’ll learn about:

adding and editing photos

writing text and adding other elements

attaching images and adding movement

changing the background and adding basic designs

You’ll learn how to use filters, adjust the color, enhance colors and add vintage or grunge effects to your photo. You’ll also learn how to crop an image to create the final product.

You’ll learn to improve your skills as a graphic designer and create your own artworks in Photoshop. This Photoshop course has everything you need to know to become a pro.

What you will learn after this course:

Learn Photoshop with expert level advice

Create masterpieces

Crop and edit images

Merge text into photos

Add text effects to photos

Apply a vintage effect to photos

Create stunning letters and more

Save money and time using Photoshop

Learn Photoshop in 2020 with Skillshare

Bonus Contents:

Free Photoshop is a 2-hour mini-series on storytelling. It’s one of the most compelling aspects of photography, which can help you tell a story or convey your perspective on life. In this free video guide, you’ll learn how to tell a story using your photos, with the help of Photoshop, lighting and angles. Photoshop will help you create images that are:

Something you’

Adobe Photoshop CC

The goal of this program project is to determine mechanisms of protein secretion at the surface of mammalian cells. This is a multifaceted problem since several hundred different types of proteins are expressed on the surface of mammalian cells. All of the cell types, including the earliest formed cells such as blastocysts, possess extremely elaborate secretory mechanisms; yet, a detailed understanding of the different components of these systems is lacking. In previous work, we have studied these systems on a molecular level with a novel antisense approach and have shown that: (1) a high molecular weight glycoprotein is synthesized by mouse blastocysts; (2) this glycoprotein is glycosylated and efficiently secreted to the extracellular medium; (3) the glycoprotein was found to be present in two distinct forms, one a secreted form which is stable for at least 20 min, and another a membrane bound form which was also found to be stable in this time period; (4) the subcellular distribution of the glycoprotein was quite restricted: the secreted form of the glycoprotein was present in the fluid phase of the blastocoel, but was never found in association with the cell surface; (5) antibodies produced in vitro were able to bind to the glycoprotein with high specificity and affinity; and (6) the amino acid sequence for the glycoprotein was known. These results suggest that the glycoprotein is a useful molecular marker for the study of the secretory system of early mammalian embryos. It is the specific aim of this application to (1) determine the structure of the glycoprotein; (2) begin to understand the chemical processing of the secreted protein in the blastocyst; (3) determine the cellular localization of the glycoprotein in other stages of early development; and (4) attempt to define and characterize the distribution of the glycoprotein within the blastocyst. Together, the specific aims of this project will define the molecular nature of a new secretory system and its role in early mammalian development.

What’s New In?

The Burn Tool allows you to make an exact copy of the selected area of an image. It can be used to make corrections to a copy of an image.
The Content Aware Filter allows you to make automatic selection of an area and use it as the foreground (as if you were painting with a brush).
The Curves Tool allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, and hue and saturation of selected areas.


One of the best ways to get good results in Photoshop is to use the techniques and workflows that you’ll find in Photoshop itself. In addition, you can learn new tools and techniques by reading and experimenting with the tutorials, articles, and videos on my site.

Photoshop’s interface and tools are designed to be used in a certain way. To learn to use these tools efficiently, you should follow the techniques described in my tutorials and articles, beginning with my first tutorial, “Beginning Photoshop”. If you’re just beginning in Photoshop, or if you’re wondering about Photoshop’s most useful features, these articles can help you to get started using Photoshop.


If you’re wondering about Photoshop’s most efficient workflows, the “Lifeline” feature in Photoshop is a useful tool. Lifeline suggests a workflow that you should follow for each task. “Lifelines” can be found in the menu under Edit > Auto-Align. Click on the menu item, and a list of suggested workflows will appear. You can then choose which of the workflows to follow for the task. By using lifelines, you can learn the most efficient ways to use Photoshop for each task and improve the workflow for your organization.

Learn from the Best

To learn the latest techniques and tools in Photoshop, you can watch my videos. These are tutorials with video instructions and PowerPoint demonstrations. Many of the tutorials include step-by-step instructions. I’ve also included photo packs, where you can find interesting and useful examples of the tutorial and best-practices for particular subjects.

Check out my videos on the “In-Depth” page of my site.This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. To order presentation-ready copies of Toronto Star content for distribution to colleagues, clients or customers, or inquire about permissions/licensing, please go to: www.TorontoStarReprints.

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Sitting at 2.9 Mb and requiring the attention of only one individual, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is now available to download at Internet Archive as a single PDF file. The PDF was produced using the COSA tool, which enables the creation of the best possible PDF from any input. Some other features of the PDF include automatic bookmarking, zoomable and panable text, customisable fonts, and hyperlinks.
Please make sure you download the complete PDF as it contains important meta data, such as the title of the book, location, author

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