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This Widget will display real-time information of use to ham radio and SWL listeners who desire DX. Get DX Dashboard and see how useful it can be!
■ Yahoo! Widget Engine







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This application is an useful tool for the DX-listener. It provides
real-time information on DX-activity. It is also capable of tracking
and storing also DIGITAL information.
DX Dashboard is capable of receiving a high number of data from the
end users (hundreds per second) who submit their queries. The data
submitted can be downloaded and stored on your local PC, or faxed
to your E-mail address.
What you can get with DX Dashboard?
■ Monthly Index
■ Push Notifications
■ Activity Calendar
■ Support for Fax
DX Dashboard is made with PHP technology. It is based on PHP-MySQL.
The main features include:
(1) PHP 5.3 support
(2) Real time DX-Activity Indexes
(3) Digital measurements and Histograms
(4) E-mail alerts (Push Notifications)
(5) Support for Fax
(6) Support for many Radio Channels
(7) Some additional information (new callsign, etc.)
DX Dashboard can be downloaded free of charge and is in English only.
DX Dashboard is made on the basis of the Open Source project WP-Debuggify.
More information about the development project and the development team
can be found at:
(1) Submit a query to the web service
(2) Real time DX-Activity Indexes
(3) Digital measurements and Histograms
(4) E-mail alerts (Push Notifications)
(5) Support for Fax
(6) Support for many Radio Channels
(7) Some additional information (new callsign, etc.)
(8) DX Dashboard is supported by the Yahoo! Widget Engine and is
available for all Web Browsers that support Javascript.
The DX Dashboard application can be downloaded at this location:

DX Dashboard can be installed on your computer in a few minutes using
the installation instructions included in the WTPedia (Widget Package)
DX Dashboard Installation
To install the DX Dashboard, download it from the above location in ZIP
format, save it to your local computer, extract it and follow the
installation instructions. The following

DX Dashboard Crack + Keygen Full Version [2022-Latest]

The DX Dashboard allows you to generate a daily or weekly log sheet for every frequency.
Supported Frequency Beeps:
Short 1 – CW, Manual & CW Zero Codes
Short 2 – CW, Manual & CW Zero Code Plus CW’s
Short 3 – CW, Manual & CW Zero Code Plus CW’s & Manx
Short 4 – CW, Manual & CW Zero Code Plus CW’s, Manx & Manxxx
Medium 1 – CW
Medium 2 – CW
Medium 3 – CW
Medium 4 – CW
Medium 5 – CW
Medium 6 – CW
Mid-Long 1 – CW
Mid-Long 2 – CW
Mid-Long 3 – CW
Mid-Long 4 – CW
Mid-Long 5 – CW
Mid-Long 6 – CW
Mid-Long 7 – CW
Mid-Long 8 – CW
Mid-Long 9 – CW
Mid-Long 10 – CW
Mid-Long 11 – CW
Mid-Long 12 – CW
All DX – CW, Manx & Manxxx
The app also supports both the CTCSS and SOS beeps from the included VFO’s
(vfo2 & vfo1), as well as beeps generated from many other VFO’s that I or my team has programmed.
This Widget also can be used to monitor a specific frequency for both CW & Manx.
From the DX Dashboard you can generate a log sheet as an HTML spreadsheet or you can choose any of the above labels and format the output to suit your needs.
By default each “frequency” is printed on a new line, but can be set to print on the same line as the beep if this meets your convenience.
There are many different variations of the DX Dashboard so be sure to try it out and create a custom logsheet that suits you and your needs.
PayPal Donation:
If you enjoy the DX Dashboard Widget and would like to donate you can. Any money donated would be greatly appreciated! Donations can be made to

Unpacking the DX Dashboard

Creating the DX Dashboard

To create a customized DX Dashboard using the DX Dashboard GUI, simply open the DX Dashboard GUI and press “New”.

Customizing the DX Dashboard

Choose a frequency

A large and powerful table allows you to select which frequency you want to display on the DX Dashboard.

The DX

DX Dashboard Serial Key Free

DX Dashboard is a Yahoo! Widget for All Radio DXers!
This new Widget allows you to monitor and track some of the most useful signals available to you in your listening area via CW, SSB, AM, FM, and RTTY. This free Widget is very easy to use and easy to customize. You can create as many dashboards as you need for every DX station you monitor in your area.
■ Dashboard can display various types of data for any DX station on the frequency you select
■ Real-time charts display the total signal strength of each band
■ Only one Dashboard can be open at any time
■ Tabs in the Dashboard can be switched around to select different stations or frequencies
■ It is possible to repeat the Dashboard’s tabs on either side
■ The Dashboard uses its own charts and table which can be adjusted to best fit the results
■ The program is fully customizable
■ It is possible to toggle any used frequency in or out of the searchable database of CW and SSB stations
■ The Dashboard can display formulas for data such as:
■ Average CW S/S ratio
■ Average CW S/N ratio
■ Average CW amplitude
■ Average CW power
■ Average CW modulated carrier power
■ Average CW noise
■ Average CW duty cycle
■ Average CW noise to carrier
■ Average CW transmission quality
■ Average CW Q (essentially the average error rate)
■ Average CW PQ (essentially the power quality or jitter factor)
■ Average CW dipper
■ Average CW intercept
■ Average CW intercept time
■ Average SSB S/S ratio
■ Average SSB S/N ratio
■ Average SSB S/C ratio
■ Average SSB amplitude
■ Average SSB power
■ Average SSB modulated carrier power
■ Average SSB noise
■ Average SSB noise to carrier
■ Average SSB duty cycle
■ Average SSB jitter
■ Average SSB Q (essentially the average error rate)
■ Average SSB PQ (essentially the power quality or j

What’s New In DX Dashboard?

The Dashboard Widget allows you to bring the DX reporting directly into your web browser. This DX data is generated from the

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Additional Features:
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Software Details:
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 or higher
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Video: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 5870
DirectX: Version 9.0
HDD: 40 GB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Included With Game:
A ‘-‘ indicates that the item is not included with the game.

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