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## _**Typography**_ When selecting the font for your website, you will need to select a font that is legible and easy to read. Websites use a lot of capital letters, sentence case, and acronyms. In addition, websites need to be readable and easy to understand. In other words, it needs to be legible. To read a lot of large capital letters, especially all at once, is difficult. Therefore, it’s best to have only one large capital letter in a block of text.

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1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a cleaning device used for cleaning a groove portion in a membrane electrode assembly of a fuel cell. 2. Discussion of Related Art As is generally known, a fuel cell is a device that directly converts chemical energy produced by a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen (and oxidizes the chemical energy into electric energy, if necessary) through an electrochemical reaction. A fuel cell has various merits such as: being capable of generating electricity using natural energy; having a higher energy conversion efficiency than other energy generation means such as a combustion engine and a nuclear power station; and having a clean energy generation that causes no environmental pollution. Furthermore, a fuel cell has an additional advantage in that it has a high output density per unit volume. A fuel cell can be classified into a phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC), a molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC), a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), a solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell (SPFC), a direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC), an alkaline fuel cell (AFC), or the like. Of these, DMFC has an advantage in that it is operated at low temperature. A DMFC fuel cell is made up of an electrode catalyst layer, a gas diffusion layer, and a separator plate in which a groove portion is formed which constitutes a flow channel for channeling a reactant gas to the electrode catalyst layer. Fuel gas is supplied to the groove portion through an inlet and then flows along the groove portion. Exhaust gas (or fuel gas) containing water vapor is discharged through an outlet. The groove portion of the separator plate is formed with a plurality of grooves at a predetermined pitch (for example, a pitch of 1 mm or less). These grooves are the reactant gas flow channels that channel fuel gas or the exhaust gas from the inlet to the outlet. A membrane electrode assembly (MEA) is located between the separator plate and an electrode. It is made up of a membrane and an electrode catalyst layer, which are layered one on another. The gas diffusion layer covers the surface of the separator plate and has a plurality of gas flow holes. The electrode catalyst layer is formed on the surface of the gas diffusion layer and is configured to increase the surface area of an electrode catalyst acting on fuel gas or the exhaust gas so that the generation of fuel gas and water vapor at the electrode catalyst layer is reduced. A catalyst layer

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p* \< 0.001). Perception of health condition was significantly correlated with changes in weight (r = 0.13, *p* \< 0.001), BMI (r = 0.17, *p* \< 0.001), waist circumference (r = 0.32, *p* \< 0.001), and percent body fat (r = 0.23, *p* \< 0.001). Perception of health condition was significantly correlated with total cholesterol (r = -0.11, *p* \< 0.01), LDL (r = -0.11, *p* \< 0.01), HDL (r = -0.10, *p* \< 0.01), and triglycerides (r = 0.07, *p* \< 0.05). Discussion {#sec019} ========== The current study aimed to identify predictors of health awareness in Korean adults. The result of this study found that awareness of health issues was significantly correlated with age, education, occupation, subjective income, general physical activity, and health perception. The result of the relationship between awareness of health issues and BMI suggested that awareness of health issues was significantly correlated with BMI. There was a significant relationship between awareness of health issues and change in weight, BMI, waist circumference, and body fat. Awareness of health issues was significantly correlated with changes in total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides. The results of the current study are consistent with a previous report that stated that awareness of health issues was significantly associated with general health, with the exception of being overweight \[[@pone.0234034.ref032]\]. In the current study, not only subjective income but also general physical activity was significantly associated with awareness of health issues in Korean adults, and this is inconsistent with the previous study. Previous study reported that activities other than walking, such as gardening and outdoor exercise, were associated with general physical activity \[[@pone.0234034.ref033]\]. In the current study, physical activity per week and health perception were significantly associated with awareness of health issues, but this was not reported in the previous study. The current study indicated that general physical activity was a significant predictor of awareness of health issues. Regular exercise can improve health behavior, which is a mechanism that increases awareness of health issues \[[@pone.0234034.ref034]\]. In addition,

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Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and SteamOS. Addons: Credits: This is the 2nd official expansion for the popular sandbox VR game and a brand new experience for both new players and the seasoned ones. Please Note: Please be very cautious about changing your system settings while using this build. It is not compatible with previous versions of the game and causes system crashes if your CPU freq. settings are not properly adjusted. ————————– Features:- All new Equestria-built assault vehicle – “Ponyta”- and a


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