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Dating today can actually be pretty liberating. Before you knew it, you could say goodbye to awkward moments in the doctor’s office, awkward meetings, and see where things led. Whether your type is a one-night stand or a lifelong commitment, understanding the ground rules and meeting new people is easier than ever.

Dating gets easier with practice. A good place to start is to figure out what you like. Think about it—if you are even kind of good at dating, you should be able to think of a number of things you like. After you’ve picked out a few, you’ll have a solid basis to narrow things down. By doing this exercise with a friend or some other knowledgeable individual, you’ll be able to see if you’re interested in something—even if your first instinct is that it’s not for you.

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Where Do I Find a Guy?

When it comes to online dating, it seems like everyone’s an expert. But in the digital age, finding a guy isn’t so different from finding a girl—there are two main ways to do it, both of which can work.

The first is by creating a profile. Unless you live alone, it’s likely you’ll need some help. Gather some people you know or have been friends with for some time, and ask them to tell you their first impressions. Sometimes you’ll even get lucky and get two people’s first impressions. There are a few techniques you can apply to get the best results. Try sending a message with the language of the message turned off. This way, you’ll get an idea of how your profile reads to the person you’re sending it to. Try messaging them using a picture of the person in question. It helps to see the actual person the message is coming from. It’s impossible to impress someone with a picture of a generic person when you know it’s you.

Then, when you receive messages, figure out what you like about the person who sent it. If their profile description has a number of things you have in common, ask them if they’d like to get to know one another. You may have had a mutual friend since middle school, or you may have met at a conference or bar. Even then, you’re likely better at figuring out who you’d like to date than people who have never met before.

The second way to go about it is by browsing profiles. Read about the common interests of people
1. Get ready

You may not think you have much to prepare, but making sure you have a clean look and a crisp attitude will go a long way. It’s a good idea to get a haircut, even if you’re already clean cut, and to shave as well. Be sure to put on some good deodorant, and don’t be afraid to walk around a bit in the morning to make sure you’re fresh.

If you’re someone with dandruff, or naturally greasy hair, you may need to get some deodorant spray to keep the flakes away. This will also keep you dry from all the sweating you’ll be doing on dates. That way, you won’t leave anyone with the impression that you sweat a lot. It may also be a good idea to put some sunscreen or a hat on. If you’re going to a hot place and you don’t want to be covered up by a jacket and scarf, it may be best to plan ahead and pack a nice-looking scarf you don’t mind wearing.

2. Don’t drink and drive

If you plan to take a date to a bar, it’s probably best to have a designated driver on standby. If that’s not an option, don’t drink too much, and never, ever drink and drive. That’s how drunk driving accidents happen.

3. Remember your manners

You may assume that everyone knows that all you need to do is put out (like, actually put out) and the guy is going to lay down. This assumption is usually wrong. You may think you can go barhopping and night life-ing all the time with your brand new car, but, believe it or not, that won’t do you any favors. Women have to be on their best behavior on dates, too. Men are looking for passion, maturity, and class. If you’re going to wine and dine someone, please don’t embarrass the poor guy. Have a plan of what you’re going to do with your time, and always be on time. If he’s going to pick you up, make sure you look good and smell good.

4. Always be conscious of your body

Even if you’re comfortable in your own skin, you never know what your date is going to think. If you think you look best in a certain kind of dress, make sure you dress up for your date or else he might think you’re dressing up for him, or that

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