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# Level Adjustments

A common first task with an image is to adjust the levels. Levels control the brightness and exposure of an image. The most basic image-editing controls are all based on levels. With a level system, any adjustments you make will be relative to the level setting. Think of the level as the baseline for an image.

Before editing in GIMP, select the Adjustments menu⇒Levels and click the OK button to open the Levels dialog box, as shown in Figure 19-18.

Figure 19-18: Adjust the levels of an image in GIMP.

Three color bars are displayed in the left side of the Levels dialog box. The black bar displays the current image, and the blue and red bars display the image’s peak and average color values, respectively. The peak color value is the most colorful portion of the image, and the average color value is the average brightness of the image.

To adjust the levels of an image, click the left and right arrows to move the blue level bar to the right until the blue level matches the color range of the black level bar. Click and drag the right

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Adobe Photoshop also has a free online Photoshop CC. The versions are identical apart from the pricing and branding, but the Pro version works offline and Pro features are not available.

Learn more about Photoshop’s features in our Photoshop tutorial or the following list.

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So, you want to be a Photographer in 2020? Learn the Technical Skills you need.

2020 is the year of shooters in India. The Bollywood industry is moving to India as it wants to avoid paying the astronomical fees to shoot in countries like New Zealand, Australia, South Africa or other developed countries.

When it comes to the fashion industry, many designers and fashion houses are migrating to India due to the low costs of production, talented and skilled fashion designers and photographers.

As a photographer, you need to be prepared to capture all these shots in India. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the best Digital cameras to shoot from India for Indian street photography, one of my favourite categories.

How to Survive in India

In a country where all of the world’s goods and fashion are manufactured, India has become a haven for bargain shoppers. With every fashion and beauty brand expanding to the country, a shopper can find a label or brand in one of the largest cities for incredibly cheap. This has led to a growth in counterfeit Indian products. From copies of designer labels to fake mobile phones and USB drives, India has become a destination for counterfeiters to make money.

People have found ways to survive in India, adapting to the new realities. One of the main techniques for faking the labels off of the products is faking the logo on the product, so people don’t know what they’re buying.

With so much counterfeiting, with such low prices and the recent introduction of fashion brands, it is a very unsafe environment to photograph people in India. Of course, it depends on the brand, but some brands that have fake products in most stores are printed with distorting ink, making the branding and logos difficult to read.

How to survive and prepare your shoots in India

There is a lot of work and preparation that goes into photography in India. If you need to plan ahead, whether it is for a fashion shoot or a fashion photography project, you need to have a plan of action.

If you’re shooting for a larger fashion brand, you should have an idea of

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Pass image from Javascript to android service

How can I pass an image from Android app to web service in javascript and vice-versa?
I want to apply effects on it and send it to android.


onBackPressed() {

// myImage = // //Your image
runOnUiThread(new Runnable() {
public void run() {
//Ui is loaded with myImage

Also, be careful, if you return an image in a broadcast receiver, the app is not able to get the final image.

Last weekend, Football Focus showed a clip of “Ant and Dec” interviewing Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva after the FA Cup game. In the video, Lucas was asked by the duo about the training ground squabbles he’d been riling up with striker Maxi Rodriguez. Lucas said, “I wouldn’t want to (name them all),” but quickly offered a few names to start.

He said, “Patrick,” before correcting himself: “The one who’s not on the team.” In short, the player who is currently at Anfield on loan from Brazilian side Internacional had taunted one of Liverpool’s first-team players about missing training on numerous occasions.

The report didn’t say it, but I’m pretty sure that’s the player in question.

Lucas’s comments were deemed inappropriate enough to warrant disciplinary action from Liverpool, and Lucas has now been fined by the club.

No wonder the striker isn’t enjoying the loan spell. The Brazilian has already reportedly taken at least six teammates with him to see a specialist about an injury.

Coming into training, Lucas looked like he needed a full-scale operation, with Liverpool only wanting to sign him if he came in on loan. In the video, Lucas was told his operation was “a small one.” He also said he wanted to return home on April 8, which was the date of his operation. A source told ESPN that he originally planned to come back on April 15, but that date has now been pushed back until after the World Cup.

Following the interview, Lucas played an important role in Liverpool’s comeback victory over Reading in the FA

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2-Thiobutyltetrazolium (TTC) staining for the diagnostic evaluation of acute myocardial infarction.
2-Thiobutyltetrazolium (TTC) staining was developed in 1961 and is now used widely in the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Studies in the 1960s reported a 50 to 77% sensitivity and a 89 to 96% specificity. The sensitivity of TTC staining in the 1970s was improved to 92 to 99% for AMI with up to 10 hours’ elapsed time between symptom onset and staining. In the 1980s, studies on delayed-onset AMI showed a 62 to 100% sensitivity, with a 94 to 100% specificity. Currently, there are no reports of the characteristics of delayed-onset AMI. In the evaluation of reperfusion after thrombolytic therapy, TTC staining showed a 95 to 99% sensitivity and a 30 to 43% specificity for AMI. In the future, the characteristics of reperfusion of patients with delayed-onset AMI will be evaluated by TTC staining. This diagnostic method will be useful in selecting and evaluating therapies for patients with acute coronary syndrome.Q:

iOS Objective C – Pass NSString to Method

This should be a simple question. I have a method like so:
– (void) doAction:(NSString *)action {
//do the action

I am calling it with:
[self doAction:@”save”];

I am getting an error that says

Use of undeclared identifier “NSString”

How do I pass the value correctly? I am calling the method from a button in a view controller.


– (void) doAction:(NSString *)action;

is the method definition. Change it to
– (void) doAction:(NSString *)action;

But in your context, you might want to use NSString *action instead of NSString *action
In that case, you would declare your method as:
– (void) doAction:(NSString *)action;

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