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Before we dive in, we want to make sure to put your mind at ease: you’re reading the same dating advice for 2013 as you were in 2012, because your needs haven’t changed. Nor has the advice we’ve gathered to help you make the best of your relationship. So, scroll ahead for the twenty-one key ways to get your love life off to a good start—or, at the very least, to save you from spending the next three years of your life on a dead end that could have been avoided.

Photo by Jerry Adler.

21) Use Good Lighting

Everyone’s making good impressions of themselves—but there’s a difference between good lighting and bad lighting. If you’re meeting your partner for the first time, at the very least give some consideration to what kind of light your digital camera has. If you’re taking a photograph, you want a steady light. If you’re meeting someone in a dark alley, you don’t want a flash. And it doesn’t matter if you’re at a party or on a date, use a flash if you’re taking a photo. The text-to-photo ratio you can potentially receive will vary according to the ambient light; however, if you’re trying to make a positive impression, it’s vital to take a good photo.

20) Avoid Phone Off The Hooks

Now we’re not suggesting you have a phone turned off at all times. We’re certainly not saying that it’s wrong to make a call as an “outer sign” of your good manners or for calling your date’s attention to your presence. But if you’re in a public place like a bar, restaurant, or party, don’t use your phone as a—as you put it—”total get out of jail free card.” If you take a photo, people can see your photo easily. If your date finds you taking a photo, they’ll naturally think, “Oh, is he about to try and get out of it?” If you’re going to use a phone, don’t be at such a public place in the first place.

19) Practice Eye Contact

Yes, making eye contact is basic good manners, but making eye contact with the person you want to date is much more than just the standard good-manner gesture. When you practice having eye contact, you begin to connect and understand your partner as a real, living person, instead of just a collection of numbers. It’s an important skill for both
We’ve gotten together a list of the Internet’s most valuable dating advice: helpful tips and articles from sites like Aol and to articles specifically about dating online. Whether you’re looking to break the ice or your goal is to snag yourself a great deal, there’s something here for you. Read on!

Break the ice

How to initiate: Though you won’t know for sure whether he’s into you until you have conversations with him, you should take initiative. Try following up with a conversation—“Hey, did you enjoy your flight?”—or connect on LinkedIn or Facebook. If you’re not comfortable meeting for a drink, give him a call. Either way, keep it short, casual and above all, interesting.

You should trust your instincts… []

Texting is a huge part of dating today, and texting works for men and women alike. We can be too insecure to text, but here are a few tips to use when texting someone. Basically, it just comes down to being direct and expressing yourself.

Avoid falling into the habit of texting back to the first man or woman who seems interesting to you. You do not want to get stuck in a pattern of “If he/she texts me first, I respond quickly. If he/she doesn’t, I do nothing.” If you’re going to respond to a man or woman who texts you, do so within one or two days. You don’t want to get too comfortable with the same person too quickly. []

Act like you know you’re there, not like it’s a date. A lot of guys get nervous when it’s first time around, and it can be really awkward especially if you’ve never talked to him before. Don’t text message him something like “Hey, really looking forward to tonight.” Instead, try something like, “Hey, did you want to do something, maybe grab a drink or see a movie?” []

Take your time to choose what you want to say and do. Chances are that the person you message or text back to isn’t going to be a great first date. You may be nervous, and by the time you’re done texting your insecurities are going to get the best of you. Take your time and do a little homework. I am constantly telling girls that if someone is

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