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Jun 26, 2020
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Should I re-apply for a high paying job with the same offer letter?

I have been with a company for two years. My performance here and confidence has increased a lot. I have just been offered a better position with $$$
I am not sure about what to do. I like to stay in the same company. But is it a good idea to accept this offer and apply for another which will have more seniority because 2 years is not a long time. And I am worried that if the new company doesn’t even give me the promotion I am already entitled to, will I get fired?
I feel that I have to be loyal to a company I worked for as long as I like.


You should do two things:
1) Be frank about the offer. Explain why you were frustrated with not being granted the promotion, and why the new job is a better fit.
2) Be appreciative – no matter what. You need to show the current employer that the new job is actually more valuable than the old one.
Do some research and find out some background info on the new employer. Things like how long they’ve been in business, the industry they’re in and what they do. Then when you start your next application, your new employer will have something to reference when they’re looking at your resume. You can reference your old company too – it may help if they are looking for a similar person with existing experience.
In the end, if you end up not liking the new job, it’s no loss to your current company – you didn’t have to work there. If you end up with a job you like even better, then you’ll have a great reference.

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Jan 5, 2019
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Why is it illegal to post a review and download for a game?
Why is it illegal to talk about a game and its music?
Why is it illegal to talk about a game and its artwork?
Why is it illegal to post a youtube link to the music of a game?. It makes me wonder if I’m posting something as well as downloading the Crack.
Can I purchase a game and sell it?
I can’t find any info on this.
That information doesn’t include any mod support, (like a VPN for example,) so I’m wondering what is missing.
I see comments such as “Yes.
I’m going to sell my purchase, but I’m going to sell my Steam Key for $10.
Can you sell a game?
I see videos on youtube about people selling pc games.

I’ll wait and see what you say.
I look forward to your replies.


No, You can not legally sell games on the Steam platform
You can not legally resell games purchased or received through other means and in any case where this is an issue the intermediary or seller will get in trouble. If you are downloading a crack or game key or are offering a key on another site than Steam you are being a straw man and breaking the TOS (terms of service).
That is a large part of why Steam is great and why it is hard to copy games (and why it is hard to crack games or find legal key generators). You can not violate the publisher’s TOS when they have previously vetted

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