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If you have a digital camera with an SD card, you can bring photos to your computer instead of having to mess with an image and store the photo in a different format. If you do, Photoshop uses its own import settings rather than your camera’s file settings.

10. **Preview the image:**

Do a final screen shot of your artwork using the options you set earlier in this chapter in the “Creating a Screen Shot” section.

# Shooting and Opening Photos

To shoot a photo for this chapter, I placed the camera on an already lit desk and used an old-fashioned viewfinder to provide a sense of the lighting conditions. I took a picture of my hands with my iPhone.

There’s an app for shooting with your camera in the iPhone called Camera/Shot. I shot four different close-ups using this app. The first shot, Figure 2-16, was made using only the existing light. The second shot, Figure 2-17, used a strong fill light to backlight my hands. The third shot, Figure 2-18, used reflectors to boost the brightness of the image.

Figure 2-16. This close-up was taken with only the available light (middle).

Figure 2-17. The hands in this photo were backlit using strong bounce lighting.

Figure 2-18. The hands in this photo were backlit using reflectors.

To open the photos, I didn’t need to use any of Photoshop’s many editing options. I just needed to crop the image to a square. I used the square crop tool in Photoshop to

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“For Adobe Photoshop Elements it’s new introduction to more and more people. It’s something that’s simpler, that’s easier to use, the images tend to be a little bit more artistic. People are looking for quick and easy and that’s what Photoshop Elements is all about.” – Billy Haber, Photographer

In this course, I’ll cover the Photoshop Elements essentials, including:

How to use an image editor

How to customize your screen

How to create and edit your own images

How to work with the toolbar

How to improve your skills

When you complete the course, you’ll be able to:

Edit images in the darkroom and with ease

Create a realistic-looking photo with minimal effort

Build images by editing a photo in the Elements user interface

and more

– be comfortable finding and editing images in the dark

– be able to perform a variety of editing tasks in the darkroom

– make edits in the Elements interface

– know how to correct issues that crop in the output

– save your own images for web and mobile use

– upload images to the web and mobile apps

– work with color and bit depth

– work with layers to create complex images

– speed up your workflow and save time

– learn how to work with cameras that lack RAW support

How to create realistic-looking images with Photoshop Elements

You can use the Elements interface to make the professional darkroom-editing techniques you learned in our traditional Photoshop course, like adding a setting to help you achieve greater dynamic range and color depth in your photos, and more.

I’ll show you:

How to navigate the Elements’ interface with ease, and customize it to fit your workflow

How to achieve the effect of shoot and edit in one shot

How to create dynamic range in the Elements interface and explore the settings you need to achieve that

How to customize the look of your file’s output

How to make the most out of your camera’s tonal range, whether you’re shooting with RAW or JPEG

How to control how much of the file will print

How to control how much of the file will print

How to improve your work by pushing your file further than before

How to improve

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