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Printing your images Because all four of the options in this section produce images that fit into 4×6-inch prints (4 _x_ 6 _),_ you have two choices: * To print images in the sizes 4 _x_ 6 or smaller, the resolution needs to be set at 300 dpi (dots per inch) or higher. * To print images larger than 4 _x_ 6, the resolution needs to be set at 300 dpi or higher. You can set the resolution of a print image by using the Image Size dialog box. For both Macintosh and Windows versions of Photoshop, this command is in the Format⇒Image Size menu. (In Elements, you access the image size menu by choosing Image⇒Image Size.) Figure 7-10 is the image size dialog box for a 4 _x_ 6-inch print. FIGURE 7-10: Set the resolution of a print at 300 dpi or higher. Keep the following information in mind when you take a print of your images: * **The Print window:** Use the Print window to specify the specific settings for the print you make (such as the paper size, ink color, and other print options). See Book IV, Chapter 2 for instructions on using the Print window. * **Print quality:** As the Print window opens, you’re prompted to make a print-quality choice between

Photoshop Mac Download Reddit

Photoshop allows you to organize your files, adjust various editing settings and change every aspect of your images. You can open different file types, such as GIF, JPEG and RAW images, and edit them with great control. You can also view detailed information about files on the file properties and cut, copy, and paste images. Some Mac OS versions include a bundled version of Photoshop Elements rather than Photoshop. However, this is simply a different version of Photoshop; for example, Elements has a different user interface, but the standard Photoshop file formats are supported. All you have to do is install both versions of Photoshop and keep them separate. There are six editions of Photoshop available: Elements, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Creative Suite, Photoshop Creative Suite Premium, Photoshop Creative Suite Premium X2, and Photoshop Creative Suite Ultimate. Each edition includes one or more versions of Elements: 12 (1st Edition), 10 (2nd Edition), and 8 (3rd Edition) for non-commercial use; 4 (12.0 Edition) and 6 (6th Edition) for commercial use. Photoshop Creative Suite Premium X2 (CS4/Premier, CS5/Premier, CS6/Premier and CC 2017/Premier) includes Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Elements 8 and Photoshop Elements 9. Photoshop Creative Suite Ultimate (CS4/Premier, CS5/Premier, CS6/Premier, CC 2017/Premier and CC 2018/Premier) includes Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Elements 8, Photoshop Elements 10, Photoshop Elements 11 and Photoshop Elements 12. Both Creative Suite editions also include the programs that provide more business-oriented services to creative professionals, Adobe Captivate for developing eLearning courses, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro for composing professional videos and Adobe Dreamweaver for web design. Photoshop is the most popular photo editing software and it is used by many professional photographers. Elements is a professional photo editing program that has a simplified user interface. You can use Elements to edit and apply several editing effects to your images. This software is great for casual editing tasks, and if you like using the software and would like to use this software for your creative purposes, then it is a must-have. Adobe Photoshop contains a much larger set of tools and functions than Elements. Also, for commercial use, Photoshop offers more features such as easily saving edited images, sending them to other programs or the web, printing, and exporting, while Elements is aimed at casual users 05a79cecff

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| Brushes for Photoshop In Photoshop there are two types of brushes: Brush and Pen. Brushes are used for painting your image by applying your selection (or path). Pencils are used for drawing in your image. Drawing tools come in 4 main types: Paths, Beziers, Gradients, and Channels. They allow you to draw areas in your image. Brushes Brushes are the most commonly used tools in Photoshop. You can select various brushes to apply different effects to the same image. For example, a paintbrush to paint, a thin line tool to draw the outline of your image. If you are not certain where to find some of the tools, this section provides tips on using various Photoshop tools. | Brush Types There are several types of brushes. They are described in this section: Brush These brushes are good for painting or removing blemishes from your image. They can be applied in multiple steps. They are based on Strokes, and one stroke can overlap with others and make for a more fluid stroke. Click to enlarge. Brush variants Variants are different styles of brushes. They are based on strokes and they add more texture to your brush strokes. There are 13 styles, that come with Photoshop: * Scumble * Smooth * Soft Round * Soft Triangular * Teardrop * Ink * Blob * Feather * Cluster * Dust * Chill * Default * Watercolor * PSD Shell. * Scumble Variants You can choose between these different variants: | Scumble Variants There are 3 types of strokes: Simple, Complex, and Stretched. Stretched Stroke: This stroke is the same as simple, with one exception: It uses the size of the area to determine the amount of stretching. The stroke can also be used to thin out larger areas. It is ideal for large areas, but it is not ideal for painting short lines. Simple Stroke: This stroke is perfect for painting short lines. Complex Stroke: This stroke looks like a blob brush. It is ideal for painting long lines, but it does not produce great lines. Switch Tool: There are 2 different brushes types: Express and Direction. You can control the direction of the brush stroke by holding

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Mac OS 10.7 Lion or later Standalone or networked (Local or Remote) target system Intel i5 1.6GHz 4GB RAM 512MB VRAM 4GB or larger HD (HDD/SSD) Windows Vista (or higher) Intel i5 2.4GHz 8GB RAM 8GB or larger HD (HDD/SSD) Mac OS

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