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# Shape Fill and Stroke

The Shape tool includes two settings: Create Shape and Properties. The first choice, Create Shape, lets you draw or edit a shape from a live or previously created object. The second choice, Properties, lets you add and change the attributes of a shape.

When you draw a shape, you see the Create Shape dialog box, as shown in Figure 2-1. You can edit the shape at any time while you’re drawing it. After you create a shape, any new shapes you draw will share the same properties as the shape that’s active. However, if you edit the properties of an active shape while another shape is active, the new shape will be updated.

**Figure 2-1:** The Create Shape dialog box.

Use the Shape Fill tab to set the fill or outline of the shape. When you apply the shape’s fill, the shape’s color overrides the

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How to deal with users who ask questions that are off-topic (as defined by the site’s FAQ) and the FAQ?

I asked this question:
Forms in which an entire field is a dropdown that depends on another field
It’s off-topic as it’s looking for non-programming help.
However, I didn’t see a really good reason for turning it down.
Should I have followed the FAQ?
(I think the problem was that it was phrased like a question and I was answering it, so I wasn’t really asking it.)
Should I have just changed it to fit the FAQ?
How can you vote to close a question without understanding its contents?
EDIT: Just to make this a little bit clearer, the question I wrote was “Can I change the entire content of a textfield on an event (like a button press)?”, but it got closed because I was responding to a comment instead of asking the question and changing the subject to something else.


Being off-topic is a reason to vote to close the question, and a reason to leave a comment explaining why the question should be closed, not why it shouldn’t be answered in its current form.
Your question, in its current form, is a poor fit for Stack Overflow. As such, even though the FAQ says it’s off-topic, you should not change the subject of the question to make it fit the FAQ. The FAQ is only a guideline; if you don’t understand the contents of the question you are answering, your answers are likely to be worthless. Don’t make things worse by posting a question you don’t understand, then attempting to solve it on someone else’s turf by changing the subject.
If the original question was phrased poorly to begin with, it’s fine to edit it to clarify your intent. But if the question is simply off-topic, then it should not be answered. (In this case, the problem likely is that you tried to post a solution, instead of a question, to a problem you didn’t even understand.)


No, don’t change the subject of the question.
If you don’t understand why a question was closed, go ask a meta post about it.


The OP was asking how to do X and this is off topic here. You should vote to close because it’s off topic, not because the OP might

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const (

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 @ 2.8 GHz
Processor: 2.4GHz/3.8GHz
Hard Disk Space: 20GB
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