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Portable Directory Monitor Crack + Download

There is a need to look for updates for your program on the network. Most often, you are connected via a router, which can be checked using an additional network tool. But what if your program is installed on a USB drive, and you have no network connection? It is time to take a look at Directory Monitor Portable. Key features Directory Monitor Portable does not require an installed network connection, making it perfect for travelling PC users. The program is able to monitor several directories or network shares, and additionally connect to other directories via FTP. It helps you stay up to date with the changes in your environment, no matter how disconnected you are from the network. Directory Monitor Portable works with the following features: Directory Monitoring As mentioned, Directory Monitor has a unique feature – monitoring multiple directories at once. It monitors folders and subfolders of the directories which you specify, saving the files’ additions and removals as events, and emailing these changes to your account’s e-mail address. Directory Monitor is a powerful tool, enabling you to perform a number of file operations with ease: Monitor specific directories and their subfolders – for instance, you can monitor the Documents or Desktop folder on your computer, the folders on your laptop, or the network shares on your personal home server. Monitor up to 20 directories – you can monitor and save changes in the following: Computers in a home network Network shares FTP servers Local directories (e.g., the Documents folder on your computer) FTP directory FTP log Monitor remote directories – for instance, you can monitor the shares of Windows Share Folders (SMB) and Network Folders (CIFS) on the network. Set criteria – you can monitor files for modifications or additions, and specify the files’ creation or modification date, size, or even access times. Email notifications – the program can notify you whenever files are added, modified, or removed from the target directories. Manage settings and filters – Directory Monitor’s settings are easily customised, enabling you to add network shares, folders to monitor, and event filters to monitor for (e.g., file type, file extension, creation or modification date, or modification of a specific file attribute). Report and manage events – you can even process the information manually. For example, if you want to receive only email notification when files are added or removed, the program can export the events to a CSV (comma-separated values

Portable Directory Monitor 2022 [New]

Directory Monitor is a tiny executable software that is straightforward to install and operate. In order to monitor a specific directory on the hard disk, you will just need to double-click the icon on your desktop. The interface is organized in a way that allows you to monitor just any folder or monitor all subdirectories for changes. Once started, Directory Monitor performs a process that you can pause if you want to. This way, you will not need to worry about any potential interruption of your daily work. When a monitored directory is modified, Directory Monitor will display the relevant information in the appropriate window. In addition to the text results, you can also add a timestamp to each log entry. Furthermore, you can configure notification options via email and sounds. And if you don’t like it, you will not be bothered as it does not create new entries in the Windows registry or Start menu. Directory Monitor features: • Supports the following file types: txt, jpg, gif, mp3, mp4, m4a, mov, mpg, avi, mpeg, jpeg, csv, xls, xlsx, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, txt, inc, key, pem, jar, zip, psd, dll, hlp, bat, exe, vhd, rar, trx, lzh, chm, tar, iso, wim, gdi, dwg, acr, cdrdao, odf, svgz, text, shlx, wsd, pst, pst, hlp, txt, tif, wps, epub, pdf, rtf, doc, xls, odt, jpg, mpe, jpeg, csv, xls, xlsx, rtf, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx, odp, ods, pgn, pgn, ogf, jpg, mpeg, avi, mp4, mov, m4a, mov, mpg, avi, mp3, jpg, gif, mp4, mpeg, mpg, avi, mp3, wav, m4a, mp4, m4a, mp3, wav, wav, m4a, wav, 3gp, fla, swf, mp4, aac, aac, aif 91bb86ccfa

Portable Directory Monitor Crack For PC

Monitor Directory Monitor is a portable, robust directory monitor tool that sits quietly on a desktop and monitors the local or network folders for changes with real-time updates. Version supports recording events into Text Files, notepad, or RSS feeds. Sorting search results this way is not new; in fact, it was a big request of users. The team thought it would be a huge pain to create a section page that has just the information you need. Version is ready to rock. We were able to build a full blown section page and even added a favorites section. Now, this feature is invaluable to groups that need to have a good section list of all their project tasks and a resource section list of all the available members. To keep the user interface simple, we made the section list/favorites bar accessible from all section pages. The section list itself is a complete re-write. We are adding in more information than ever before. We finally fixed and corrected any error you might have experienced on older versions. We hope you love our new section pages feature. Note: This is a minor version release. Some users may notice that a few settings have changed or disappeared. No functionality was affected. Quick and easy to use, Small Files 2.0, is a powerful tool to examine and view the content of large folders in Windows. Our tool was designed for users of all types to easily access and view the content of large folders, even with the files system being fragmented. The file manager is completely integrated into the OS to use the new, native, Windows Explorer to view file system to perform functions such as moving or renaming files or to view the details of a file, including the file names, type, size, date and other details. The file is a Native Windows. A utility to quickly create backup and restore. Designed to create and restore backups of files and folders including directories. Backup to local hard drive, removable devices and network. Restore to local hard drive, removable devices, and network. You can backup an entire folder, individual files, or individual files and folders. You can restore a backup to a folder, individual files, or individual files and folders. The program comes with complete help files, an extensive reference, and a calculator. A perfect solution to view, open, copy, move, delete, rename, and recover files

What’s New in the Portable Directory Monitor?

1) Browse folders, subfolders and even network shares, 2) Record all changes, such as file addition or removal and create log files, 3) Send email alerts, 4) Tasks and Schedules, 5) Configure settings for individual log items, 6) Start the program and forget it, 7) Runs in the background. Directory Monitor does the hard work, leaving you to concentrate on your main task of doing business. Directory Monitor is a fully compatible portable program that can be run on all versions of Windows. It can operate as a standalone installer or within a Virtual Machine (VM). Directory Monitor functions as a pre-installed application. Use of Directory Monitor is completely free and you can freely share this portable application with your friends. • It’s a powerful yet simple to use log file viewer and analyzer designed to help you keep track of a wide range of network traffic, including SMB, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, NNTP, BITNET/CHOMP, SSH, BBS and other log files. • Log Search provides powerful search options to allow users to quickly locate past entries. All search results are sorted by date and time in reverse order, and users can review older entries by scrolling past newer ones. • Log Timestamp has been added to report and display the creation and modification date of log entries. • Log Filters allow users to configure a log view based on the criteria specified in the filter rules. Advanced configuration settings can be saved and reused. • Command line options allow users to extract more information from a log file using the command line tool, such as the file name, creation time and a list of all remote hosts. • Configurable and descriptive file category tabs make it easier to navigate between various log files by type. • Log Analyzer is a powerful graph generator and data formatter for structured and unstructured data, helping users create detailed charts and graphs for comparing log data. The graph features include time series, bubble chart, line chart, serial chart and parallel chart. • Incognito mode hides the icon in the taskbar to avoid the risk of an application being compromised when the user has accessed his local files. • Portable and compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions. • Directory Monitor allows users to monitor any folder on the local or a network PC. Both local and network folders can be monitored as long

System Requirements For Portable Directory Monitor:

Minimum: OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista Processor: Intel® Pentium® IV 1.6 GHz Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: Intel® GMA 3150 (integrated) Hard Drive: 2 GB of free space Recommended: Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2400S 2.4 GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Intel® GMA 4000

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