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If you own Reliance Electric devices and need a quick, effortless way to manage them from a single location, you can turn to specialized software, such as VS Utilities.
This application enables you to monitor and edit parameters for Reliance Electric DPI and MDI products or adapters while providing you with an intuitive display of connected devices.
Simple setup
Installing this product on your computer does not require advanced PC skills since no advanced configuration is required on your side.
In order to deploy it successfully, you just need to accept the End User License Agreement and follow the instructions provided by the installer. At the end of the process, you are prompted to restart your system, but it is possible that you can skip this step and perform it later.
Plain interface
Visually-wise, this application is not the most well-endowed one, since its interface is quite outdated. However, the functions it shelters are fairly easy to comprehend and operate.
You can access a standard configuration window by choosing the Configure Communication option under the Explore menu. It is possible to make a choice between Ethernet or Serial connection modes and also specify default port, baud value, checksum type and timeout amount.
Displays items in a Windows Explorer-like manner
After you properly configure VS Utilities, you can display the identified items in a hierarchical view, which is similar to Windows Explorer, for easier management.
You can use this application to connect to a node (local or network one), navigate between devices, compare device settings, handle products and peripherals, modify communication adapter settings, control a drive and set passwords for your desired products.
Comprehensive parameter editor and monitor for Reliance Electric devices
To wrap it up, VS Utilities is a reliable toolkit that can help you monitor Reliance Electric DPI or MDI products and also edit some of their parameters in a seamless manner. It can be installed on your computer with minimum efforts, comes with a rather outdated interface, but, on the other hand, packs several useful functions and provides you with a detailed help manual.







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Allows you to monitor devices and edit their parameters in a single place
Supports Reliance Electric products and adapters
Supports serial or Ethernet connection
Provides a hierarchical view of devices
Comprehensive parameter editor and monitor
Allows you to control a drive
Allows you to set passwords for access to your productsElevated expression of cyclooxygenase-2 and associated cyclooxygenase-2-derived prostanoids is associated with progression of uveal melanoma.
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View, monitor and edit settings of DPI and MDI products from a single platform
Connect to any node, navigate, compare and perform actions on any node and device
Configure your printer, scanner or fax directly and configure settings for your router, cable modem and other
Eliminate the hassle of managing multiple items with customized profiles and an intuitive display

Download VS Utilities Torrent Download by Reliance Electric for

Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
Mac OS X


(See the Full VS Utilities for Reliance Electric Document at the bottom of the video.)


(See the Full VS Utilities for Reliance Electric Document at the bottom of the video.)

Thought I’d collect some news items in one place. They’ve got titles, but no stories.

Reliance Appliances to ship ICT products as ‘customized bundles’

Reliance Appliances will launch its products in customized bundles for different sectors of the market, a move aimed to address consumers’ demand for value-led, ready-to-use solutions. The move to ‘customized bundles’ was preceded by Reliance Appliances’ tie-up with Wipro Consumer Care, wherein the partnership would focus on delivering customized solutions to diverse consumer segments.

Reliance to focus on home security solutions in coming years

Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani today said the company would be focussed on the home security solutions in the coming years. Ambani, while delivering the company’s annual results, has reiterated its stand that security comes at the centre of its corporate goal in the years to come, adding that the company has made home security a key area of focus.

World’s first game-changing flat panel display announced; knows more about your room than you do

Wanting to know the room temperature, the light in a room, the room’s mood, and your ideal room temperature to match? Not a problem for a home display screen that has the power of Big Data on its side. Researchers at the University of California-Berkeley have announced a new breakthrough in the design of flat panel displays. This new design, known as a “Universal Display”, has the potential to finally put the smart homes of the future into reality.

Honda to cut 5,000 jobs, close plant in Boliv

VS Utilities License Key Full

VIS Utils Connects to DPI+MDI Devices – Manage TCP/IP Data Servers
VS Utilities can connect to Reliance Electric devices, allowing you to manage and monitor their parameters as well as communicate with them.
This application helps you configure the communication parameters and their values of a specific device.
Monitoring your devices is important when it comes to computer security. In this case, you need to set a time limit for each device and manage your security policies.
These are some of the features that Vis Utils provides:
– Connect to Real Time Clock devices;
– Manage TCP/IP Data Servers on Reliance Electric DPI+MDI Devices;
– Provide an Access Point Monitor with Real Time Clock Devices;
– Communicate with DHCP Servers on Reliance Electric DPI+MDI Devices;
– Communicate with Serial Devices on Reliance Electric DPI+MDI Devices;
– Confirm USB and Ethernet Devices for Reliance Electric DPI+MDI Devices;
– Monitor TCP/IP Properties of Reliance Electric Devices;
– Configure DHCP Server Proxies on Reliance Electric DPI+MDI Devices;
– Configure and Set Passwords for USB, Ethernet and SCSI Devices on Reliance Electric DPI+MDI Devices;
– Connect to Reliance Electric Devices.
VSC Pro is the first interface tool which enables you to view your computer system in a similar fashion to your mobile devices, while being connected to the host.
It provides you with numerous functions such as connection, boot, device discovery, connected devices.
VSC Pro Description:
What can VSC Pro do?
1. VSC Pro network scanner and detector can scan the computer for any of the following:
A. Malware such as trojans, key loggers and spyware like root kit spyware.
B. Network scan requires physically connecting the VSC Pro onto a network port such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi or USB.
C. A complete computer inventory of any computer including software and hardware.
2. Boot and OS identification: Based on a number of factors and algorithms, VSC Pro will detect the operating system, software and hardware on any of the available disks on the connected computers.
3. Device scan: VSC Pro can scan for any devices connected to your computer. These devices are sorted in multiple sections for easy access and quick access.
4. Secure file browsing: VSC Pro

What’s New In VS Utilities?

Simplified Utilities designed to make life easier in an increasingly complex technology world.
PowerPC and Intel Mac support
VS Utilities stands for Visible Utilities and is an Apple-only application. However, it is possible to install it on PowerPC, Intel Mac or PC, but only if you have Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.
An interface that is simple and easy to use for anyone
Unlike most graphical utility programs, VS Utilities uses a text-based interface, which is probably the reason why many users find it quite handy.
A comprehensive parameter editor for Reliance Electric devices
VS Utilities is a powerful tool for managing and monitoring the settings of your Reliance Electric DPI and MDI devices.
A wide range of supported products
VS Utilities covers a lot of models and product types, from simple display products to quite sophisticated controller devices.
Manufactured with passion
The author is a professional hardware and software engineer who is currently employed at a leading electronics manufacturer.
Includes a support section
Each application comes with a comprehensive readme, help manual and a troubleshooting guide that can be printed or accessed on the net.
Comprehensive user’s guide
The program provides access to a comprehensive user’s guide which should help you understand how to use its features and functions. It is also possible to print out this section of the program.


I had the same issue. This link pointed me in the right direction. It helped. The program is called PSWizPro.

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Network: Broadband Internet connection
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